Landlord Question

Has anyone else fallen prey to housing ‘discrimination’? I owned a house for a long-time but rented a few before that…I always left the place perfect to get back deposits. I’ve rented 3 places since my diagnosis. All places were left spotless but I’ve received back NO deposits. One landlord I bugged about it even stopped answering the phones to my calls so a relative tried it. Landlord always said deposit check was in the mail. Better Business Bureau really don’t accomplish anything in these situations, just gets a bad rental recommendation…

Anyone else seen this?

I should mention, a landlord with whom I was working told a story on the same subject of ‘housing descrimination’. I need to mention this man is likely psychopathic as he has the taciturn personality so well sugar coated he was a surprise. I asked for recommended landlords and overheard him telling the landlord friend on the phone, “You need to find out her information… You have to turn these kind into the state. You have to get their government benefits canceled.” Then man started to threaten me at work saying I should be working at McDonalds and not working in an office as a clerk (despite 5+ years of experience) as he ‘didn’t want to deal with it’. I later learned he was renting to a schizo who burned down his apartment building. I wondered how he treated his tenant?

I’ve never seen such unprofessional landlords as this one city…I had leasing people telling me tenant’s private business, source of income, who is government discount and with whom the leasing people didn’t like dealing. Next landlord told the maintenance guy my source of income even and he decided to bother me about it while working on the water heater…

I NEVER saw this kind of crap out of people while working full-time…

Nothing is even weird about me man! I pay on time, mind my own, I’m clean, drug free, no drama and quiet!

This sounds awful. What city or at least what state are you referring to?

That’s terrible. Just goes to show… You don’t need to have schitzophrenia to be a total whack job. :wink:

In fact, we’re better off because we know when we’re being neurotic!

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Kansas City…too many people got a look at this place and ran off…Looks like some of the poorest got stuck there and stuck in a hell of sorts. It sticks so bad because the job market there is awesome but gotta go with the healthy living thing with the schizo symptoms. Just be okay! You know?

You can look up every states laws on security deposits on this site.

In my city deposits never come back for anyone. I’ve talked to a lot of people from all over about this and no one I’ve met has ever gotten their “deposit” back.

It’s just written off as an extra cleaning and repair fee or property tax adjustment. We just go in knowing that we will never get that money back.

There may be different factors involved as well.

If an agency or service paid the deposit for you then they will get it back.
If you gave notice and didn’t pay the last month rent then the deposit may have covered it.