A govt housing just called

I’m on the list for an apartment in a housing complex for people with mental illnesses. Oh I hope I get in soon.


I hope you get it!


Did they give you a timeline?


hot diggity damn !! good !!


No unfortunately.

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That is great news. Good for you. You deserve it. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


I’m on year 1.5 out of like 3-5 years. Don’t even know if I’ll qualify in the future or if I can even survive on my own.

Good luck!

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Fingers crossed for you

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That sounds really nice. They should have more of those, so you don’t have to live around people who lie about you.

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Good luck! I hope you get it. I’ve never heard of housing being specifically for the mentally ill unless it’s adult daycare or a group home

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We have two in my community. There are a few other communities that have them as well but they are too far away from my family


That’s pretty cool. You won’t be discriminated against

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The BPDs be eyeing the SZs and going HMMMMMM.

You just know a rumble gonna break out.


That’s true. But my best friend has BPD and she knows my diagnosis and accepts me this way. Not all the mentally ill will judge the sz’s. But some will. I say just don’t disclose your mental illness

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Sending some good vibes your way. Sounds like a good plan and hope you get one.

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Is it a building only for mental illnes or normal people?

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Good stuff!

Hope you will be happy there when you get it.

When I lived in Sweden I rented a apartment through the government.

It’s called second hand contract.

When the Swedish government saw that I always paid my bills they thought I was trustworthy so they gave me a first hand rental contact which means a lot.

There was several apartment blocks built in my then neighbourhood for the mentally disabled.

They got their own apartment but on the bottom floor was a joint kitchen and living room for everyone to socialise in and meet staff.

They had staff 24/7.
Not in the individual apartment but in the joint areas.

There was a mentally disabled family with a baby and they got help by staff to care for it.

My friend in Sweden lives in a apartment for mentally disabled.

They are supposed to have dinner together but he chooses to eat alone as he feels uncomfortable around them.

They have staff 24/7 to and he has staff give him medication every night.

He wants to have his own place in the country side in the future.

If I was in Sweden I would be dependent on the government for living and would have to rent one of their places.

Because I’m in Australia I have family here that help me thankfully.
My former stepmother lets me rent her apartment at a cheap cost.
My rent is less than half the normal cost.

Some people who work very hard can’t afford to live in this area so I’m very well taken care of.

My favourite home was sacred scull home with x boyfriend and his dogs.
Nothing compares to that home.
It was pretty perfect.
I had to leave to become vegan.
Miss him n girls n home.

Before I got my apartment in Sweden I was living in a group home for mentally ill.
You had a room but the kitchen and bathroom was shared and staff 24/7.

I didn’t like having noisy neighbors.
Very disturbing.

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People with mental illnesses.

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