Starting ziprasidone

Hello tomorrow I’ll be starting ziprasidone not sure how many mg yet till I go pick it up from the pharmacy. I just would like to know what I should expect from this medication and how has it helped other people. I have auditory hallucinations that people are telepathically Talking bad about me.

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I switched to from Seroquel to Ziprasidone 2 years ago starting at 20mg twice a day.

I had only one side effect - best i can describe as restlessness and so uncomfortable in my head body, like I wanted to jump out of my skin. I can’t describe it well. The only thing I could do for relief was to force or wait for sleep to get through it. Couldn’t concentrate on anything but the bad physical feeling. Sometimes headaches too.

This happened every time I titrated up doses. This side effect for me goes away after a couple weeks. So I’m glad I’m at my twice daily dose of 80mg now and its working well for me.

The seroquel was making me so lethargic, I would fall asleep driving - been in so many car bumper accidents. I’m glad I made for Ziprasidone. Also no weight gain side effect for me.

For me, taking Geodon was like eating candy. I had no side effects, but I also had no improvement. It was very frustrating.

That sucks I hope that doesn’t happen to me. What did you end up taking that worked for you?

That’s great that it working well for you. I hope it does for me. Thanks for the reply.

Nothing so far has made the men stop following and recording me. But with some APs, I’m a lot less of the extremely religious lady. Currently, I’m on Haldol.

I’m still getting over sleep issues ziprasidone gave me 2 years after switching to abilify.

Or it’s possible my sleep issues are just different on abilify. Idk

But for symptoms it worked for me.

Just a reminder. You have to take geodon with a good amount of food.

I take Ziprasidone with Abilify.

I take 40 mgs of Ziprasidone daily (20 mgs twice a day) along with 30 mgs Abilify. I am symptom and side effect free.

I was taking Abilify (30 mgs) along with Clozapine 300 mgs, and I had still had voices controlling me. Ziprasidone is by far the best medication for me.

Ziprasidone was a lifesaver for me. Within 2 months of being on it I was able to start going back to work full time and I started feeling hopeful again. The only side effect I got was needing slightly more sleep than I previously needed. After 8 years on it, I started to develop TD, so I had to switch, but that is a risk with any medication.

Bur yes, you need at least 500 calories with your geodon or else it will not work at all.

That’s awesome man! How long did it take before it started working for you? I’m on 40mg zrisperdone and 20mg prozac been on prozac for 2 months now . Gotta wait till tomorrow before I take my first.dose of zrisperdone.

I am on it for years. It helps, I lost weight. I am more active, I sleep seven hours instead of many more. Issues I got are anxiety and unable to sit still for too long. I take 80 mg.

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It started working for me immediately after I started taking it.

I’ve been on geodon for 18.years except for som restlessness and loss of appetite it hasn’t caused any side effects. It works just as well on psychosis as the two other aps I take. Without it I get voices and compulsions. At first I was on 240 mg for 10 years later it was decreased to 160 mg and the seroquel was uppered.
My current meds
2 biperden for side effects.
500 mg Clopixol ever 3 week
160 mg Geodon by mouth
500 mg Seroquel IR by mouth