Switching from Risperidone to Geodon(Ziprasidone

I heard Geodon works similar to Risperidone but with low raise in prolactin levels .
Does anyone here use Ziprasidone(Geodon) would like to know your experience .
would like to start with low dose 20 mg and then wean off risperidone slowly .

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Best of luck! 15

Geodon has been amazing for me. I’ve been on it over five years.

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I liked geodon better than any med. It did some different things.

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I’ve been on geodon for a year. I like it because it gives me no side effects. Originally it made me sleep all day but that went away. I take it twice a day, as I used to take it once a day, but I started to get interdose withdrawal really bad. Remember you have to take it with food.


I went from risperdone to geodon. I liked risperdone, but had sleep issues the entire 20 months I was on geodon.

A week ago I just started on abilify

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How is it going on abilify for you?

I took 240mg of Geodon a day and nothing changed for me, it may as well have been a sugar pill.

So far it’s fine. I’m only on 10 mg, but I need an increase. I’ll have a better idea of how it’s going in a month or so.

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Okay. Keep us posted!

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