Anyone on ziprasidone? Experience?

Hi folks. I’ve just started taking small dose of ziprasidone. I just wondered how others feel on it. Anyone on ziprasidone here? How do you feel? What dosage do you take? Do you take any supplements with it? Best regards.

WHEN I WAS ON ziprasidone i felt so much congested that i had to give it up. Now i m on stelazine

Oh boy. I am the poster child for ziprasidone. Im on 60mg morning and night, it is very important to take it with plenty of food, it’s half life is about 8 hours and it needs to be taken with food to extend it so it doesnt just spike in your bloodstream then leave. It has made a world of difference. I am a different person, my symptoms are tightly controlled and scarce, I am recovered as possible, but remember that there is no cure for schizophrenia.

I have akathisia from it, ie restless legs syndrome like hell, but I take other meds for anxiety which relieve the akathisia a lot. But my left leg still has a mind of it’s own some days. Right now it’s still. Yesterday it wasnt.

I am a competitive powerlifter and take preworkout supplements loaded with vitamins and caffeine and stimulants, if that answers your question about supplements. If I have a headache, preworkout makes it go away, even a migraine.

I am doing very well in school as well, I have made all A’s since I got on ziprasidone, if that shows how well it works. I have also made more friends, dont find myself alone on the weekends, and I quit being an alcoholic when I got on 80mg of ziprasidone, I quit feeling a need to get shitfaced every night.

You might be sedated. You might have vivid dreams. You might get constipated. You might have a racing heartbeat. Side effects are numerous but just possible, its not like you are sure to have any side effects. Tell your doctor immediately if you have anything, not limited to what I just listed (the list on the prescription printout is huge). I am just told to drink caffeine for sedation.

Also, smoking tobacco or vapor cigarettes lowers the level of ziprasidone in your blood. I smoke 3/4 pack a day, and my doctor said to tell him if I want to quit smoking.

Ask me whatever, I am a behavioral neuroscience major and schizophrenic who takes the stuff, I know a good bit about the drug from a patient’s perspective and from the textbooks.

For me it has been the miracle pill, I take it with breakfast and dinner and NEVER SKIP IT because ■■■■ gets ugly if you dont take it after taking it regularly, at least it did for me.

The thing with meds is doing them right. Take it with at least 400 calories. Take it about 9-12 hours apart. You should be on it twice a day, that’s how the manufacturer said it should be taken, morning and night. Not all docs will do that, but that’s what the people who made it said so do it. I used to take 80mg at night only and it didnt work well and made me constipated and kinda depressed. For some reason 60mg morning and night works much better. Gotta trust the people in white coats.

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I’m on 80MG morning and evening. I feel normal on it. I don’t hear voices anymore or have any delusions that I know of. I have insomnia but diphenhydramine (aka Benadryl) helps with this. I don’t think insomnia
is a side effect of geodon but of schizoaffective disorder. Best!

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I have been on it for three weeks and everything is better than it was before. Like mortimer I take 60 in the morning and 60 in the evening. I was on it before and I am responding well to being on it again. It helps clear my head and the voices aren’t all the way gone but they are closer than they have been in a year.

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I’m on 160 mg at night along with 2 other antipsychotics. Been taking it for 3,5 years. Taking a morning dose was not an option for me, even at 40 mg a morning I was really tired throughout the first 5 hours of the day and even had to take an hour nap. It makes me sleep 12 hours a night, which I don’t like. If I don’t take it with food I get anxiety before taking it the next day. It’s cheap because there are generics now. Missing a dose is not an option for me because I’d be up all night (I didn’t have that problem when I was not on the med). I take supplements with it, namely Curcumin, Lysine, Sarcosine and L-methylfolate. I hope it suits you. I would switch to something else if I could (because of the sleeping) but I can’t.

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Geodon has been a blessing for me. True it knocks me out when I take it with food like your supposed to do. But I sleep about 5 to 6 hours a night. I take 120mg at night, can;t take it during the day makes me too tired. Definitely has lowered the voices and controls my appetite so I am not constantly hungry anymore.

I might consider this med if my psychosis comes back, sounds like a lot of people really like it, and I read the weight gain was very little on it. Main thing that scared me was the big side effect with this one was heart failure, and ive gotten every side effect from antipsychotic in the book so chancing it with this one seemed scary.

I switched recently to this medicine from Latuda due to akathisia and lack of effectiveness. It has work wonders on my mood. I feel like I can do much more now. You can get to know side effects of this drug over here

i have taken 240 mg ziprasidone the last 10 years with two other antipsychotics. i have no positive symptoms and my cognition has improved very much on zeldox. But i have lots of negative symptoms.

I take 80 mg in the morning and 80 mg at night, along with 400 mg quetiapine in the morning and 400 mg at night. I also take Wellbutrin. These drugs have kept me stable and symptom free for over ten years. No side effects. No weight gain. I can’t really tell I’m taking them, apart from the absence of symptoms. I mess around as a writer, and I absolutely could not write on any of the typical AP’s. They killed my imagination dead. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel.

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Hey Mortimer,

I’ve been taking Ziprasidone 40mg for the last two months but I’ve had akathisia as a side-effect…my doctor recently prescribed me propranolol to treat it but I’m really worried about the weight gain effects, I’ve read stories about its undocumented effect on patients…I’m trying to shed off weight put on while taking Zyprexa and so this is a no-no. I wanted to ask you what akathisia treatment you use while taking Ziprasidone so that i can ask my doctor for a different approach. Also, being a fitness buff what did you in order to shed off the unwanted pounds…were you able to lose fat on Ziprasidone?

hey there, one thing to understand first is that ziprasidone is actually weight-neutral- it usually doesn’t make you lose or gain weight. I lost 35 lbs on it, and gained 35lbs on it, on purpose.

Benzos are what gets thrown at serious akathisia. We metabolize a thing in the medicine poorly which causes us to easily get akathisia, my akathisia is back now on 3mg of Brexipiprazole. I am given Xanax to sit my ass down and not squirm and complain- which is justified, as akathisia has made some people kill themselves left untreated.

I am on an antipsychotic, a benzo, and a beta blocker (propranolol).

I do fairly well on this cocktail…feeling, thinking, knowing, and doing are all different, though. I feel pretty bad, I just do really well. It’s my lifestyle- I am taking the high road with my life, when I could take it easy- it sucks, but I doubt you are having something like that going on.

Maybe say you heard that the three together enables someone to perform well. I dunno, just take the med plan I am on as you will- it works for me, and if you think you have my kinds of symptoms, then it may work for you too.

You sound like you have my kinds of symptoms.

Good luck, and be persistent with getting treatment.

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Hi @AmateurUnlicensedQuack, what about sexual side effects, any information you can give us?

I revoke what I stated.

Low dose typical APs are key.

Forget throwing narcotic addiction at extrapyramidal side effects.

I now take 1.5mg Haloperidol, and control my environment. My health is on par to my premorbid functioning.

Do not just nod and say yes.

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Geodon, ziprasidone, is a good drug for me. It helps with paranoia and mindreading symptoms and helps me to fall back to sleep in the morning when I wake up too early in the morning.

Only plus is that this drug literally knocks you out at night, I never remember falling asleep. I was on 60 or 40mgs at night, I can’t remember. But it didn’t help my symptoms at all, made me psychotic. And it was very stimulating when I woke up…it was a nightmare, but it’s what got me on zyprexa, and I love zyprexa so that’s a another plus.

Hi, I’ve been taking ziprasidone for the past 8 months. Previously I had tried risperidone for a year, loxapine for 3 years, and aripiprazole for about 3 months. I had asked my doctor to prescribe me this AP as I was concerned about my weight gain on the other drugs. I started off at 20mg of ziprasidone a day for about the first 2 months. Coupled with weight training 6 days a week and a good diet, I was able to only lose about 3 kg on ziprasidone initially, after which my weight loss stalled. Since I was still well above my pre-medication weight my doctor prescribed me 25mg of topiramate to lose more weight. With the addition of topiramate, my doctor also increased my ziprasidon dosage to 40mg a day. I lost another 2.5kg with the help of the 25mg of topiramate. The my doctor increased the topiramate to 50mg and she told me that she will not increase the dosage of topiramate over 50mg. With the 50mg of topiramate I lost another 2.5-3kg and I was finally close to the weight I was at before taking any antipsychotics. But about a month and a half ago, my symptoms returned. I had delusions agains. Fortunately, I somehow was able to convince myself that I needed help and contacted my doctor. I immediately upped my dosage of ziprasidone to 80mg a day. She had suspicions that the return of my symptoms was due to the topiramate, so she cut the topiramate back down 25mg. I was normal again for week and then my symptoms returned again. So I was able to somehow convince myself again that I needed help and was able to contact my doctor and she recommended completely going off the topiramate. I had started getting paranoid that the ziprasidone had stopped working for me, but my doctor assured me that the ziprasidone wouldn’t just suddenly stop working for no reason. So I continued to take the ziprasidone. So now I have been symptom free for the past 3 weeks, which makes me think that it was the addition of topiramate that reduced the efficacy of the ziprasidone. But the oddest thing happened, I didn’t gain any of the weight back that I had lost due to the topiramate. So all of a sudden ziprasidone has become weight neutral for me, something my doctor has called an idiosyncratic effect of the ziprasidone (meaning that APs affect different people differently). So now I am feeling that the ziprasidone is working well and my weight too is under control. Of course I do weight train 6 days a week and eat a healthy diet to stay in shape as well. So I would say that ziprasidone is a good drug, but beware of adverse drug interactions with other drugs, in my case it was with topiramate. I haven’t had any major side effects with ziprasidone. I do have trouble going to sleep at night and trouble getting up in the morning. Don’t know if that’s a side effect of the ziprasidone or if that’s just a common problem a lot of people even not on APs have as well.

I’m on 40 mg right now but my dose just got raised to something idk what because I didn’t look at it yet.

-Take it with at least 500 calories every day. Apparently it’s completely useless if you don’t do this, and also when I don’t take it with that amount of food I get akathisia from it

-When I take it with food it has pretty much no bad side effects. Made it take longer to reach orgasm but not frustratingly long.

-Cons for me is it is doing absolutely nothing for my psychotic symptoms right now even though I have been taking it correctly. It’s not a very strong AP due to its higher affinity for other receptors than dopamine. I really hope dose raise fixes this.