Starting School again

Its been nearly half a year since i was in school on my way to earn my associates degree, nearly a year since the thoughts in my head became a crippling paralyses and psychosis was just a word that described my every fiber of being. In this time I’ve managed to take back some of the energy that my thoughts drained of me, I’ve managed to recognize what i can and cannot do and changed some meds and friends in order to feel good about myself. Its a strange feeling going into psychology class with SZ (i feel like the elephant man) although i would never claim to be human.

Anyone else taking a plunge into the world (again) any time soon?


I have felt like the elephant man. I’ll always remember that scene where he says - I am not an animal. I’m a human being. - I’m not sure he entirely believed it himself.

That’s awesome you are making positive changes. Awesome! :clap: School is a great outlet. I’m currently enrolled online with Colorado Technical University to study computer programming. I’m also recently dating someone which has been a very positive experience. :sunny:

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Thanks AND yes positive changes with a foundations of good choices might lend a helping hand i do say. Oh and thank you for the Sunshine!! Oh… and my friend has been talking alot about computer programming and i’m still not sure about it, i wonder if there are good jobs in that field.

-pob- I think i know what you’re saying about believing himself, also that is a scene i’ll always remember.
Because its totally like that when i snap.


There’s really good jobs in programming. For one of my classes we had to do a job search and learned about writing resumes and answering interview questions. I learned that a computer programmer makes upwards of $70,000 entry-level and there are thousands of jobs just in my state. You can do a search on indeed. Good luck to you and if you ever want to talk about school hmu. :sunny:

Thanks SunGirl, i’ll keep that in mind and really, thanks for that information.

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That’s good, be sure to check if your school has a disability services office for accommodations. And good luck.

There are two psych majors on the forums in school right now, @CarolineC and I, we both just made a 4.0 this semester. If anything people will find you interesting and even want to be your friend if you are sociable and friendly. That’s how it went for me when I told a class I had paranoid schizophrenia and gave my insight into it when the teacher asked us what we already knew about it before starting a lecture on it.

I have had many people come to me like “so youre a recovered schizophrenic!” and ask questions or introduce me to someone they know who has it. I became friends with some kids from my psych classes because of it, actually. It’s sort of like being the guy everyone knows if you tell your colleagues about it. At least for me it is, it’s been a positive experience and really taken away my concept of stigma. I don’t feel guilty for being schizophrenic. Gay people come out all the time these days. Schizophrenics face more stigma, I surround myself with psych majors who actually understand it fairly well, they dont have misconceptions and all of that.

I wouldnt worry, just be ready to give a brilliant speech about schizophrenia if the professor ever asks the class about it.

Yes, I started school again… after my diagnosis. I was really scared, but I thought, what do I have to lose? I’ll just give it my best shot. Then I went on to do really well. So it’s been worth it to me. Like @mortimermouse said, I am a psych major. It has been interesting so far, with only one bad experience. Go for it. Give it your best shot… you can do it.

how did that “pretend to be a schizophrenic” thing go?

give it your best shot…you might surprize yourself at how well you do…rooting for you.

It was horrible. The students laughed at the “schizophrenics.” This was brought on by the nature of the skits as well as the teacher’s attitude toward schizophrenics. I wrote an anonymous email to the chair of the psychology department, but never heard back from her.

i would have spoken to the professor…i take pride in being mentally ill and functioning more highly than most lazy average normal people, and I think you should too.