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I’m starting school again for the first time in practically two years. I had to drop out of my honors Biology class soon after I dropped out of Anatomy (for non-medical reasons). I had to drop Biology because I was hearing voices and trying to sleep on the floor of my closet. Going to school is bringing up wondering whether I possibly have a future again, and actually support myself. I’ve been doing well, but am super sensitive and taking school super slowly. I’m doing community college because I feel I need to prove I can do it without a lot of pressure about money. Anyone else here starting classes again? Any type of classes, in person or online? Or learning/ self study about anything interesting?


I’m going to talk to my advisor at my old college probably next week about attending the next Spring Semester, just one course to start. I was getting a 3.7ish GPA until three years in my cognition started to fall apart and I began failing courses, had to drop out. A few years later I started hearing things and believing weird things, was psychotic for a few years, then started getting better. It’s been 7 years since first psychosis and I’m terrified I’m going to screw up when I go back, but doing just one class should be fine, I won’t be juggling 15 credits like I used to.

Best of luck, try to take advantage of any breaks the university can give you, whether it’s testing in a separate room or getting an extension on an important deadline, they will work with you.

My degree was in English with a concentration on Creative Writing and minor in Secondary Education. I finished everything but the minor so my plan is to just change it to something else and finish up.


I self study both Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Otherwise I haven’t taken a course since 2004 when I graduated with an accounting degree.


I took on 19 credit hours when I was younger/despite having schizophrenia. I had a 3.7 GPA but school itself and peer pressure ruined it. I wish I could go back in person. Right now I’m not as motivated when I was younger to succeed. But I am going to find some classes online to take that are better structured for me and that I would enjoy. I think you still have a future and should still aim for the best.


Funny, I just jumped on the forums to see if anyone else was dealing with back to school and juggling sz.

I’ve been a super slow student as well. It finally approached my last year of college and I decided to go out and finish on campus in person. It was a huge move, both for me mentally and actually physically going out there. I got a ton of support from my family and helped me move and set me up for the best possible change of success.

I’m sitting here in my single room on day 2 of classes. So I’ve been to both classes and they were pretty chill. (I only have 4 classes left. 2 in the fall 2 in the spring. So very light.) One professor I knew from online so that was cool. I will have another project in this class where I will have to present in front of the class several times. I think as long as I know what the heck I’m talking about I will be fine.

My other class only has 4 students including me, and that makes it really laid back.

I’m feeling a bit lonely at this very moment. Overstimulated. It was a very long trip and a lot of unpacking. I finally have my room squared away and that is making me feel at peace. But I know I have to keep taking things slow. I’m eating in the dining hall and doing everything by myself, which is great, and hard at the same time, but just always keeping in mind that I need to take it easy. I know i will make it through this, it will be up and down.

You absolutely can do it.


Thanks, yes I need to be grateful I have the support to do just one course. My parents are totally supporting me. I start hating on myself for not being able to take 6 courses or even 2 courses. One is surely all I can manage right now.

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I’m following online classes. One at a time. Just do it at your own pace and don’t worry about what people think.

Thanks. The fall season is killing me. The end of summer, and all the fun things I was doing then. I know I can do one class, but am kind of straining at the thought of doing two. I’m trying to leave enough time for Writing and Self-Care, two of my favorite things.


Lots of luck! :slight_smile:

I have a degree in Kinesiology but idk if I will go back to school, I don’t have the grades to do a master specialization in rehab, physiotherapy, athletic therapy or CEP. Honestly I got the degree but I don’t think I can do that type of work since having sz. I can’t even handle easy jobs since sz. I don’t work now. Studying has always been easier for me than working.

Idk why work is more stressful for me than doing full time university. I rage quit several jobs as any job becomes boring for me after a few days.

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