School Can Be Stressful


I’m going to school online for computer programming. I have a project due Monday night. I’ve been working on it since Thursday. I had to create a website and create two technical diagrams in addition to writing a paper explaining diagrams in the design process of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I only have two more paragraphs to go which I’m unsure of so I emailed the instructor. I’m very proud of myself for starting early and handling the stress well. In the past the demon would have been screaming at me. I also just got ECT last week so that helps. But compared to when I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia I’m light years ahead of where I used to be. It helps that it’s online also. The stress of a classroom didn’t work well for me.The diagrams were very frustrating to create as the software was not cooperating, but I’m cool as a cucumber. This gives me hope for when I finish my degree and enter the real world again (I’ve been on disability and haven’t worked since 2010).


That’s great! You handled the stress. congratulations


Thanks Jake!! I appreciate the support.


Good for you. You sound like your doing great. Very cool.

It sounds like your coping will with a stress trigger. For me stress will cue the head circus.

It sounds like you’ll be off disability very soon.


Congratulations on doing so well. I’m in school too–the brick and mortar type, and I agree that it can be stressful. You’ll be off disability in no time. Computer programmers are highly sought after.


SunGirl, that’s awesome! So we all are in school, how are you all doing? I took my first exam of the semester today in Elementary Logic and I felt pretty good about it and finished early (like always). It was a good start to the semester and I feel confident about this semester now.

I’m a psych major, taking psych courses, logic and french.


That’s awesome you’re confident about it that’s always a good sign…I’m doing good…one A minus the rest are A’s…I have a 3.96 GPA…this is a hard class though…very technical but I like it…hey my major is IT.