May be returning to school after 3 years

Has anyone successfully returned to school after time off? (post-diagnosis)

There is a course that I want to take. I’m really worried about not being able to sit in class because of my paranoia but I desperately want to go back. I did complete about 2 years of school in 2016 with minimal paranoia but I haven’t been able to shake off worsening paranoia since my last psychotic break.

The course is only 6 months, it’s part-time, paid for and classes are small / 10 people max. They also offer accommodations.

Thanks for reading!


Sit still for a 50 minutes class is hard for me because I have bad anxiety. I’m not sure if you can do it.

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I have returned twice to college post diagnosis. Those instances didn’t go well because I wasn’t totally ready.

I did take an online course recently and got a 96% in it though. Motivation is a big key.

All that being said, do it if you think you are ready! No problem in waiting.

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Wish you the best @MissJennyJen.

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Thanks for the advice everyone :slight_smile:

I decided to take a similar course but online, I tend to do well in that delivery.


I go to school full time at a good school in a hard major. I owe my success to going to school online. It gets a bit lonely but I am able to handle more like this and I have been getting straight a’s and am thinking about graduate school. (sorry if I am coming off cocky I just want you to know it is entirely possible within limitations)

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The bands used to come to Iowa City, and sing, Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out.

I did go back though to finish, even with two babies.

Good luck, never forget you deserve a normal life.

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