Starting Sarcosine

My Sarcosine just arrived. I put two scoops into a bottle of water and have been drinking it. Not sure what to think, I burped and got tingles through my body (that’s a good thing… when I get headaches my body tries to fight it off by raising my serotonin which causes the tingly feeling. I’m sure its gonna take two weeks at least before I know if this works but that was a little bit of instant gratification while I wait and see. :slight_smile:


Good luck hope it works for you :slight_smile:

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Good luck to you

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Hope it work for you.Nice that you had the patient

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I’ve been on Sarcosine for six weeks now. I think it is working. I’ve been doing some heavy reading and doing some other things I have trouble doing.


@crimby that is very exciting to me that you can read better. I haven’t been able to read books since I became ill years ago? Now I want to try it !!


Will be following this thread to see how it works for you. Thanks for keeping us posted. :smile:

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Thanks, everyone. Woke up around 9am and took two grams… didn’t feeling the tingling like yesterday. I’ve been quite productive today, haven’t done a lot but have gotten stuff done… a few times I felt dragged out and tired which is usually when the motivation ceases to exist but surprisingly I feel like I can still get more done, and will. If only it could give me the motivation to shower, that would be great, but yeah I’m thinking on it and already know that won’t happen today. But so far, I think that it is helping… I am psyched for the two week mark because that is when the good results should be seen if it is going to be that beneficial to me, I think. :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome. I read stuff on the internet but books… or even e reader books, I have not really read in forever. Cause I skim the pages looking for the good stuff or just get bored or have no motivation… I have a trauma self help book that I would love to be able to sit and read and have it make sense, without losing focus.

I got mine from Brainvitaminz… It was the cheapest, three months supply cost around $50 incl shipping to Canada… I hear there is something called profrontal or something that has sarcosine and something else that is supposed to be beneficial but I was short on funds and don’t know sarcosine will help so I went the BrainVitaminz route as a first try… I figure three months is a fair time to see… so long as I don’t start forgetting to take it (bad memory and dissociation).


Just another update. Since I posted last I have started to get a headache as I am under some stress at the moment. Started to ruminate and got horrible bad anxiety. This wasn’t a side effect, I knew something has been brewing the past few weeks. What is good is that despite having such bad anxiety and crying I went over to a friends house for a few hours till it finally passed. Normally I would have sat in my room ruminating and letting myself bottom out into a deep anxiety filled depression that usually involves some sort of somatic delusion. I don’t know if there is a connection but we will see.

After more than 2 weeks of taking sarcosine at 3 grams I had major anxiety daily . Tried 1.5 grams and it was still there. So I stopped taking it. I really don’t know if it works for me or not , maybe I’ll try it again some other time

I ordered some from Brain Vitamins and I have been taking 1-2 grams a day. At first I used about 3-4 grams a day for 3 days or so and I am noticing a change in my thinking. I also take Abilify and Prozac along with these new adjuncts to my medications. I also take a balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids, and other important B vitamins.

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There is research that suggests that for some people 1 gram per day is best. See this summary:

We suggest a sarcosine dose between 1 g and 2 g per day with an initial dose of 2 g, but if side effects occur, the dose should be decreased to 1 g per day.


Day three… just finished drinking my bottle of sarcosine water… tinglies are back. :slight_smile: Will update later if I remember… I agree with what @SzAdmin says… mine said the same 2 grams max but mine said work up not down (start 1 gram, work up to 2)… me I feel its better to start up and work down… so I started with 2 grams. Just cause there prob won’t be results with 1 gram and I figure taking the extra gram won’t hurt and it seems fine with me but everyone is different.

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Yes - it seems that for most people starting at 2 grams is fine.

But for some people - they are more sensitive to this it seems, and may want to go down to 1 gram if they find 2 grams too much.

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Day 4: Took when I got up… 2 grams… it is so hard for me to drink the water but that is because I feel like its a chore… some tingling, which I love. What I really love is that despite there are still things on the negative symptom list that need fixing but hey you know what I have been more productive in the past three days… motivated… my friend said today she has to wash her car so I offered to do it for some $$ since I’m kind of poor and broke… she agreed and I just spent the last hour working on the car… its done I am a little richer and kind of shocked and happy that me, of all people, would seize and opportunity like that because truly that is not me… or I would have done it for free. So I am really liking this Sarcosine and can’t wait to see how much more benefit I can get out of it. Even if it is only small things like that I can say that I am functioning at a level higher then normal (and my normal functioning is probably less then 50% on the scale) at any given time. So the past few days are an improvement and it kind of shocks me.

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Just a random update but really more of a question for those of you who have been taking Sarcosine. I feel like it only gets me through till mid to late afternoon then idk maybe my body just siphons it out and depletes it all again. Cause I feel drained and get the horrible realization that my efforts really are futile and I cry and just hope for death… but then later in the evening I am not too bad and the next day fine again till it depletes… should I be taking another 2 grams mid afternoon? Can it really deplete that fast? I’m happy with the results because I have seen benefits/changes but this idk… sucks :frowning:

For me it only lasted a couple hours

Sorry to hear that… Do you mean the effects or the crying?