Do you think these adverts for sarcosine are a con?

I do. They make it sound like this sarcosine is a cure for schizophrenia. Everyone who gets it says they don’t notice a difference with it.


In my first month of using sarcosine, I was 27% better at remembering to shower and brush my teeth on my own (yes, I’m so boring that I actually track crud like this). Got to it before being prompted by the reminders programmed into my calendar. Short-term memory seems a bit better and I feel a tad more organized. Haven’t noticed much else with negative symptoms.

Don’t know if the improvement in memory can be attributed to sarcosine or something else, but I did function better in June.


any attention or social improvements?

We have quite a few positive experiences listed here. Like any vitamin or medication - I’m sure it doesn’t work for everyone.

Click on the links below to see everyone’s experiences:

People’s ongoing experience with sarcosine:

I honestly haven’t even bothered to look into the substance more. Never heard of it until joining here. I’ve tried so many substances and none have been good with long term daily use- for me.

Don’t forget that even placebo can have direct effects. Meaning your thoughts and will/intent have power… A lot of people might just read other reports, then focus their intent on what they think the outcomes is/are going to be from using sarcosine, and then that outcome happens :heart_eyes:

I’m not against sarcosine or people using substances… it looks like it kind of came off like that

You can learn more about the studies done on it here:

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no…different things work for different people.
we are after all a chemical experiment within a human skin.
what kills one…cures another…not literally people…it is a play on words!?!
back away from the sith :imp:
take care :alien: