Sarcosine Results at 2 Gram Doses Now

I’ve reached the 4 grams a day total now - the recommended daily dosage. I don’t even know where to begin at how much my life has improved, with the help of this stuff. For the first time in my life, I actually know how to express emotions, the downside is, I’m probably acting on them like an 8 year old would, due to lack of experience. My senses have gotten much sharper. I can utilize my intelligence much more and more reliably than I ever could. I am getting very emotionally stable as well (but I don’t have a diagnosed mood disorder, unless you count anxiety) so I am feeling much better. Today I even felt very little exhaustion and had enough energy to actually do things. I also feel motivated to take better care of myself. I also seldom use the Christopher Walken comma now, when I speak, because I’m not constantly having trouble thinking of words when I talk. I also no longer speak mostly in monotone, but that’s a part of being able to express myself emotionally. I think my memory has also improved as well. I wrote all this in one sitting, when before it would’ve taken me three or more tries, just to remember all this. I know there have been other improvements, but this is all I could think of, off the top of my head, at this very moment.

The only thing I dislike about it, is I keep waking up every few hours, which started happening around the time I started taking it. I don’t know why, but I can usually just go back to sleep immediately, but it is still a hassle for me.


Glad its working for you, good news :smile:

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Thanks! :smiley: It’s working great. Earlier today I actually improvised writing an entire very elaborate song in my head, as I imagined it. Not sure what my music is going to be like when I get back to writing it, but it’s probably going to be very different, as my brain has went through massive changes already.


I thought it was working for me a little but I stopped it. Not worth the money for me

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Not sure. I’ve had schizophrenia since childhood, so I’m probably experiencing things I should’ve always experienced, but never got to thanks to schizophrenia robbing me of my humanity before I could even get it. I’m still going to wait another week or so, so the Sarcosine has a chance to fully impact me, before I start seriously trying music again.


Stoked for you dude!

I am thoroughly enjoying being more human and less Borg drone.


I’ve been taking 2 grams a day for over a month and notice a bit of difference some days better than others. I just upped it to 3 gram yesterday it seems to be working better

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Yeah, some days are better than others for me as well, but that’s to be expected with schizophrenia.

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**So glad this is working for you!
My son was taking for-a week-and said he was tired of waking up with a pasty feeling in his mouth.
He stopped taking it :astonished: **

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Does he mean like cotton mouth?

Isn’t the recommend daily dosage is 2gram per day?

Same for me. That doesn’t mean it can’t work on other people.

I don’t know, the instruction paper said 2 to 4 grams, that came with it. I’ve had schizophrenia since childhood, so probably the more the better, for me. Honestly I’m probably just much more like a normal human now, but for me that’s ridiculously overwhelming, because I’ve never been much like one.

That sounds really good! Happy for you! I might go and try some as well…

Wow! This is great news! I am totally buying this when I get my tax refund today!

*wish it was covered by medi-cal…but for well being I’ll shell out fifteen a month.

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I recommend you guys buy the 60g amount and try it for a week or two, before you go and buy the 180g pack. That’s what I did, just to see if it would even work for me.

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thank you for the advice! I will do that right now…as I just got my tax refund deposited this minute lol!

I wish the placebo effect could’ve been applicable in this situation. I hear it helps medication and supplements work better. But I never had a concept of what this is like, until I started the Sarcosine, so I was kinda scared to take it at first, for fear I would get overwhelmed with incomprehensible things to me. But it more just expanded my consciousness extensively and only a minor amount of incomprehensible things have started happening.

I thought about starting sarcosine next month, how were you feeling on the lower doses?