Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia

I bought some weeks ago but my dog got sick, then passed away early April … next day a car ran a stop sign 4 ft in front of me and my electric bicycle hit the car at 20 mph. By Grace of God I am alive and not in a wheelchair. my bike is fixed and I am riding again but all these events got me to have crying jags and mood swings of depression or up-against-the-wall inside of me anxiety and tension to cope with yet still go and do SOOOOO I haven’t yet thought it a good time to add taking the sarcosine. ships internationally. Cerebral health might also, that’s where I personally get mine from.


It tastes like sugar that is not terribly sweet but it has a decent taste if you take it under your tongue for a minute.


Yes - I agree it tastes pretty good.

How long have you been using it, what number of grams do you use each day? Have you seen any positive or negative impacts since starting it? Are you getting out and doing more?


Thank you, I will tell My Girl.

People’s ongoing experience with sarcosine:


I don’t see why not… its something the body normally makes and you get it in small amounts from certain foods like turkey… so its nothing that could harm a person IMO

I don’t take sarcosine but I take glutamine and when im working out creatine, I get them from

They seem to have good quality and pricing.

What subsets of sz is this vitamen recommended for?
If it is recommeneded for all subsets has testing been done to confirm that equitable results are achived?

Read this page of information:

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Sarcosine + Noopept second day… simple(simply) awesome

Sarcosine ----> No negative symptoms. No side effects observed eventhough slightly larger dose is taken, taken multiple times…

Noopept ----> Must be working. It will take its time.

Sarcosine for Schizophrenia

Noopept for good brain health.


bro …keep on updating…

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I am still finding myself away from putting efforts in reading a book. Though my health has improved I still have some of it left, something not going my way. I think it will take Sarcosine some time to give me some extra freedom of choice and hoping noopept also upgrades my brain and gives me some extra ability.

Yesterday I got some negative thoughts and today I was delivering speeches as usual but there is improvement when compared to myself two days ago. I must say there is little improvement which sounds like there is lots of improvement. Okay I will go with “there is lots of improvement”

Yesterday I played chess in linux and I won the single game I played. Even though I know chess I lose most of the times because of schizophrenia mind disorder ability problems… but but but after taking sarcosine I won.

I won the only chess game I played after taking sarcosine and noopept

sarcosine for schizophrenia


noopept for brain


I used to pay 45 to 50 US Dollars for international shipping when I buy health supplements from other american websites and they used to deliver them in 1.5 to 2 months and I was always worried about money and reliability. I ordered on using 13 USD post and it reached India with in few days, almost 8 days. The indian postman didn’t ask me extra money but other parcels were charge d for another 15 USD in Indian currency. Powdercity is very cheap and very reliable. From now on, if I have money I will order health supplements from powdercity with 100% confidence and 100% happiness.


I purchased some Sarcosine from “Brain Vitaminsz” and it does seem to have a positive effect on my thinking in that I am noticing that a lot of the thoughts that my mind is reacting to emotionally are just not verifiably real at all. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but in any case I am becoming more aware of those thoughts now. It is actually more bothersome to realize this about my thinking but it seems necessary to adjust to. I am starting to see that I can just ignore those negative unrealistic thoughts. It’s like a brain washing affect for the good.

They seem to be those intrusive kind of thoughts.


What you said is simply perfect. On this, I must follow suite. Thanks for posting something awesome.

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I have been taking 4 grams a day now of sarcosine and i’m noticing that my delusional thoughts are becoming more apart from reality like for example I notice that the thoughts I just imagine others to be thinking about me or towards me are making me angry for no justifiable reason other when they are part of my delusional ways of thinking. I have been aware enough through out this long ordeal to not act on my delusional thinking and this is more clear to me now. I still take 2 mg of Risperdal along with Neurontin (which makes me more trusting and sociable with others). I will need a lot more hands on interaction with real peoples thoughts now in order to make reality more real as the delusion fades away off into the sunset.


Sarcosine is proving to be a real effective psychotropic amino acid. I have been taking 4 grams a day and think this is too much because since I have been taking that much I have been getting more agitated by my own disturbing thoughts and end up talking out loud to myself most of the day and that is even more disturbing to me. I am going to reduce the dose back down to just 2 grams a day. The problem is that I am an ex drug abuser so if something works I will use more of it to feel more good. Just as it was with alcohol abuse. I will update this later on.


I am about to buy Sarcosine in bulk. Does anyone want to buy from me. I aim to make it $10 for 3 month supply of 2 g per day so $10 for 180 grams.


ur from us bro…can u supply 2 asia…