Sarcosine Researcher Interview - Your Questions Please

I’m going to be doing an interview (email) with the researcher who is doing a large and longer term study of Sarcosine and I wanted to ask you to post any questions you have here.

Here is a description of the study that he’s recently completed (results due out shortly)

Effect of Sarcosine on Symptomatology, Quality of Life, Oxidative Stress and Glutamatergic Parameters in Schizophrenia

The purpose of study is to determine whether dietary supplement sarcosine is effective in treatment of schizophrenia. The investigators will assess impact of sarcosine on quality of life and sexual functioning. In this project the investigators will also measure glycine, sarcosine, BDNF, MMP-9 levels and oxydative stress parameters in blood, brain glutamatergic metabolism parameters in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and oculomotoric changes in electrooculography.

More information about Sarcosine:


Sources that are non-pharmacuetical such as vitamin suppliers do not offer patients a reliable source of sarcosine.

How soon do you think it will be u til a major pharmacuetical company realeases sarcosine?

If major pharmacuetical companies continue to ignore sarcosine like they have since its therapuetic benefits were discovered over ten years ago and try in vain to create another synthetic glycine transport inhibitor, will the government step in and make sure sarcosine is available for the people it could be helping right now?

I have had the priviledge to have enjoyed sarcosine before, and I must say : we schizophrenics are being cheated by everybody who has ever observed sarcosines effects.

I functioned on a level that I had never dreamed of post psychosis. We all could be functioning extremely well at this very moment, with sarcosine, it has been documented, people know it, and yet no readily available pharmacuetical preparation is available right now.

Thus cheating schizophrenics. That there is something out there at this very moment that could augment my mental status in such a way that my life could be exponentially better tortures me.

I have tried it so I know this to be fact. If sarcosine had been discovered before neuroleptics,Iit would have been in patient digestive tracts immediately.

Yet now that we have pills that are “good enough” there is not the same desperation for something, anything, to alleviate schizophrenia symptoms that ruled the psychiatric climate then.

Now it is fine to do nothing with the most important discovery in schizophrenia since neuroleptics. Possibly the most important discovery in psychiatry period.

Sarcosine could help every psychiatric illness. NMDA receptors may play a role in the pathogenisis of every disease. I doubt this research will lead to sarcosine for everybody, it hasn’t for going on two decades.

It is ignored. And ignoring something that could improve quality of life for a large group of people considerably is a human right abuse.

One that is being perpatrated right now and every day sarcosine is readily available for laboratory testing, tooth pastes and surfacants, but not for human consumption for an illness it can treat symptoms of that other treatment exists for.

One day I am going to obtain sarcosine from a company like Sigma-Aldrich or another provider.

It may not be available any other realiable way for years to come.

Years of my life gone without the improved functioning it provides. Years spent wondering how much better my life would be with it.

How much better I know from two months worth of experience it could be. Fellow patients, sarcosine could vastly improve our lives. And it is out there right now. In existence! All we have to do is get it!


My question is does it pose a prostrate cancer risk and if not does it stop working after a few months.

What about toxicity and efficacy in long term usage and at doses more than 3 grams per day?

A general note here. Sarcosine is a simple amino acid, and a variation of Glycine - its not a drug. These are well-known amino acids that are not patentable so pharma companies will never produce them. The profit margins are too slim for them to produce amino acids / nutritional supplements and there are quite a few companies already producing them, so there is too much competition for a pharma company to be interested.

Pharma companies never produce vitamins / supplements / amino acids for this reason - and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I did not know that. However, in light of the advent of the discovery of the incredible effects sarcosine has on symptoms of schizophrenia that nothing else treats, or can treat ( with all due disrespect to other non-NMDA negative and cognitive symptom treating medications on the horizon, such as nicitonic substances.

NMDA receptors have so much substantial evidence behind them being the exact, true cause of negative and cognitive symptoms that anything else being used to remedy them should be as unheard of as attempting to create medications that ignore dopamine.

Such a pharmacuetical course will not be treating the root cause and will never be as effective as doimg so ) special accomadations should be made.

Sarcosine should not only recieve the distinction of being the first pharmacuetical amino acid but also get expedited FDA revue and approval like other desperately needed medications get.

Negative symptoms are, after all, completely untreated and cause gross suffering that perhaps reach a level of severity that no one can accurately describe.

Under those circumstances a rush on their delivery to the patients ailing is warranted. In a fair world where mental illness is on par with, say, malaria. Which it is.

If an amino acid cured AIDS and no pharmacuetical preparation existed I would never get over my disbelief. And the truth is, we both know that it would exist, whether you concede the point and admit it or not.

Negative and cognitive symptoms cause, if it is even close to decent to compare such things, just as much a toll AIDs does. Sure, AIDs kills you, but negative symptoms are a living death.

You cannot be expected to understand that, never having had the displeasure of experiencing them, but the complete loss of basic desires and, essentially, personality, is worse than death.

Pharmacuetical companies, the government and other parties have an ethical responsibilty to provide suffering people the latest advancements in medicine relevant to their plight. Immediately.

Not wait a shameful number of years while something is easily accessible at this very minute that can improve quality of life doimg nothing about it. That is the very definition of apathy. There is something called a conscience and another by the name of social responsibilty.

And if you, or anyone else, hold the opinion that sarcosine has been properly handled as a life changing --saving-- medical discovery, you are completely devoid of humanity, understanding of the issue and care and are complicit with stifling schizophrenic progress. Sarcosines availability is a major issue, and if enough people want it and take to the proper channels, things will change. They need to.

if enough sz people say it works for them…i will start to take it. :smiley:
i have been watching the posts on it, i will try anything.
take care :alien:

Does sarcosine really works?
Bitopertin that works totally similiar to Sarcosine had failed the clinical trial,how is Sarcosine be able to work?

Had tried Three different brand of Sarcosine
Smart powder
Pure sarcosine
And one more brand which I forgotten the name.If the old forum is accessible,i had post a few log about Sarcosine,didn’t work out for me : (

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I hope your the old person in the previous forum.Do you remember me?Mobc1990 from the old forum?we talked about Sarcosine,Glycine on the forum and also private message?

How are you doing?what meds are you on?Its been I believe three years since we last contacted :smile:

I think the answer may be that Bitopertin was a different molecule / substance that was targeting the same brain receptor (NMDA) that sarcosine impacts. Because its a different substance, its not surprising that the results might be different from that experienced with sarcosine.

Just like there are many of the “atypical antipsychotics” that target the 5-HT (serotonin) receptors in the brain - and each of these drugs impact people differently.

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its both Glycine Transporter 1 Inhibitor (GlyT1 Inhiibitor)

anyway I had tried sarcosine for a month(longest time),it didn’t work for me,i took 1.5 mg twice a day

Dmar also tried the smartpowders sarcosine without success - then tried the sarcosine from another company and had success. I don’t think that you can assume that sarcosine from one supplier is the same as that from all the other suppliers. This is true for all supplements I think - they vary in quality and purity just like with any product (perhaps even more true with supplements).

alright…thank you for information…would follow news on Sarcosine closely :smile:

If you want to chat PM me. Or I’ll PM you. Whichever materializes first.

Can sarcosine induce mania or hypo-mania in someone with sza/bipolar type? I had this problem with another hormone type substance that was recommended by sz/admin. I don’t remember the name of it now. I noticed that you said that sarcosine elevates mood in those with schizophrenia. So, maybe sza/bipolar’s shouldn’t take it?

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Hi Gina,

I don’t know if anyone has studied sarcosine in sza / bipolar people - I haven’t seen any research in this area. Also - we don’t “recommend” any vitamins or supplements here - we just say that there is research that suggests that some of these might be helpful. I think you had issues with Pregnenolone - is that right? Whatever the case - I recommend you discuss it with your doctor, and also with sarcosine.

Here is the only negative reaction I’ve seen to sarcosine - a type of “irritabilty” with higher levels (2 grams+) in one person (this is part of a larger study, I believe, so nobody else had this reaction - so I guess its quite rare).

See this paper:

“we started administration of 2 g of sarcosine per day to treat persistent negative and cognitive symptoms. The patient’s activity and mood improved within 2 weeks, but in the following 2 weeks the patient reported increased drive, activity, libido, unpleasant inner tension, and irritability. We ruled out hypomania and decided to decrease the daily dose of sarcosine to 1 g, which resulted in reduction of drive and irritability. Activity and mood improved compared with his state before adding sarcosine.”


Also - was this the other supplement you tried?

Sarcosine is supposed to increase testosterone production, are there any contraindications for women taking the amino acid over extended periods?

What is the efficacy of synthetic sarcosine versus the efficacy of organic sarcosine? Has there been any research on that?

I think this is wrong. I searched on for information on this and can’t find a single medical study that suggests that sarcosine increases testosterone.

The only place where you find statements about this are on bodybuilding supplement sites - who are selling stuff to young males who generally tend to think that they need more testosterone - so its a sales promotion technique. Unless you can find a scientific reference to sarcosine increasing testosterone - I think this is just marketing misinformation.

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