Starting Propranolol PRN for panic

Just saw my pdoc today after getting her required clearance from my primary doc to do a Propranolol trial. She prescribed 20 mg Propranolol PRN for panic. I can use it with Klonopin if I need to. First I am going to just take the Propranolol alone until I see what it does for me. Hopefully stops my pounding panic attack heartbeat from crashing out of my chest!

Anyone else use it PRN? There is also an extended release, but we’re trying PRN first.


I take it twice a day, so I guess it really isn’t a PRN. It really had an impact the first year I was on it. I’ve been on it multiple years and don’t really notice that much. Good luck.

you’ll like it

I take both of mine right before bed to decrease racing heart before sleep

do as you think

propranolol is a wonder drug in my opinion.

Good! Thanks for the replies. TheBest, maybe you don’t notice it 'cause it’s working for you. That would definitely be good.

Daze, I only have one pill a day but I need it in the daytime. We’ve talked about my afternoon anxiety many times in my pdoc’s office. Personally, I think my Haldol levels fall and I really need more Haldol rather than covering up symptoms, but my pdoc won’t prescribe more than 30 mg Haldol.

I just want to feel better.

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yeah, right cocktail honey, I’m sure they all work together.

I take 2 busperone a day too.

My pronanolol keeps me stable at night.

terrible panic attacks.