When your PRN doesn't do its job


I’ve been feeling increasingly agitated yesterday and today. There’s no distracting myself from it, so I took a PRN Klonopin around 11:45 a.m. My heartbeat was still rapid at 2:30 p.m. so I took my PRN Propranolol.

It is now 5:08 p.m. and I am even more agitated than when I started. Usually my Klonopin and Propranolol are effective with no worries, but today the illness is stronger than the medication. sigh

Oh well, at 8:30 I’ll take my nighttime meds and start trying to fall asleep. I just hate days like today, and I hope I’m not agitated again tomorrow. This could be the beginning of breakthrough hallucination, it’s just like all the other times. I see storm clouds but there’s nowhere to hide if even my PRNs aren’t going to work…and it’s Friday night so my pdoc will be gone until Monday.


The only thing i take PRN is propanolol for akathisia. I tried it but it didn’t totally get rid of it. Lessened it a bit i’d say. Sorry your meds aren’t doing the job. Hope you can get some sleep tonight and get through the weekend alright. If this persists, call your pdoc on Monday. Good luck!


Hopefully your PM meds will help you calm down.

Hang in there @Shmookitty!


Thank you, both of you. Why do these things always come to a head on Friday night?


Sometimes Benedryl helps me. Can you try that?


It doesn’t do anything for me. I still have half a package from when I tried it. Thanks though! I know you’re having a challenging day too, hope you’re starting to feel better! :slight_smile:


Day 3 of agitation and paranoia. I took two Klonopin instead of one - I’m allowed to do that when things get really bad - and crashed between two and four p.m. My agitation went from a 9 to a 6 only when I woke up again and now it’s rushing back up again.

I just don’t know what to do. I can’t take anymore Klonopin today since I’m only allowed two. I’m SO SCARED I’m headed for another psychotic break! How can I be on 30 frigging mg of Haldol?! What’s going on?!

I’m stressed because Maintenance didn’t show up to change my furnace filter when they were supposed to, so now I don’t know when they’re invading. my cat has liver cancer and is getting over Giardia, and my husband works at the UPS Store with very minimal time off in December. This is the worst time for me to be alone and I have no friends. I just want to feel better!


It sounds like you have an awful lot going on. I would be overwhelmed if i were in your circumstances. I don’t know if it would help but maybe try exercising to burn off excess energy. I don’t know how you are when you’re agitated. I tend to pace around a lot. And definitely call your pdoc as soon as possible on Monday. Hope you feel better soon.