Started working out and eating better

After I realized anti depressants were making me eat more I quit taking them and started working out and eating healthier in the 15th of this month. I’m trying to lose about 20 lbs but I’m going at it gradually. Just proud of myself for doing this. Thought I never would and never have before


That’s great! I go through periods where I exercise and eat well and through periods where I don’t. Right now, I’m not doing so good at eating right. But I’m glad you are :slight_smile: it feels like such a sense of accomplishment, doesn’t it?


It feels like a small goal I’m achieving little by little. It feels great!!


You can’t just stop your meds, and suggesting that it’s okay to do so is irresponsible. I’m glad that you don’t need antidepressants, but some of us get psychotic without them. It’s better to be overweight and sane, in my opinion. At least people who are overweight can still function in society.

edit: Sorry. I’m glad you lost weight. Just be careful with your meds please.


Couldn’t agree more with @Sardonic. Kudos for trying to eat healthy and lose weight but not taking medication as prescribed can be dangerous.


Congrats that’s exciting.

I’m with the others. Don’t stop the medications but eat better and exercise. Antidepressants aren’t known for weight gain. Antipsychotics are. I think your not on the right path when it comes to correct information. It’s not wise to stop any psych drugs.

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@WesC84, I recommend you call your pdoc now and tell them that you stopped your AD. And ask them what to do next. It’s very important.


Im on haldol, i quit quitapine(seraquel) made gain alot weight, weight 272 now 259 in 4 months slow process but exercise, eat healthy be consistent is the key, its hard work but im trying.

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Wait until depression hits after quitting antidepressants and you will be sleeping and eating like a whale only

I’ve been working out and eating healthier for quite some time now. And it shows on the scale and in how my clothes fit and in how my body looks. :smiley:


I got back on my AD but I just can’t seem to eat right. I do do like 40 pushups ands 80 situps a day just to keep my body in motion cause I don’t get allot of exercise

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