Ssri vs mood stabilizer. sza

im dx’ed sza but every doc ive been to has prescribed me ssris but not mood stabilizers. im not doing well on ssri

Idk much about sza but aren’t ssri for depressive type and mood stabilizers for manic type?

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there are also mood stabilizers for depression which have an advantage over ssri for sza because they dont risk mania


What SSRI have you tried? I’m thinking about giving one a shot. I suppose Wellbutrin would be a good start.

You got depression or negative symptoms? Wellbutrin made me worse and it didn’t help negative symptoms.


It’s either Wellbutrin or a serotonin inhibitor.

Not to discourage you but antidepressants don’t help negative symptoms. Anyways your pdr won’t prescribe them unless you have depression.

I’m gonna give it a try.

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Thanks @cigarino this post reminded me to try an SSRI. Hopefully they start working better for you.

Did you try partial dopamine agonists Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar? I have less negative symptoms on them since they don’t fully block dopamine. Otherwise start with Wellbutrin because it boosts dopamine which may improve negative symptoms. That’s why I was put on it.

I thought you could only get it if you have depression.

I’m thinking sertraline or Wellbutrin. I might make an AP switch.

No Wellbutrin is a special antidepressant which works by boosting dopamine in some parts of the brain. My pdr said this is why Wellbutrin might help negative symptoms but it didn’t, just made me worse.

Wellbutrin doesn’t work on serotonin like other antidepressants. Its like a stimulant for ADHD. I felt hyper on it.

Have you tried sertraline?

No, my pdr won’t prescribe me SSRIs because I don’t have depression.

They help also for anxiety.

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The issue with antipsychotics is that they block dopamine.

Yes I know but I never had anxiety in my life lol

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