Ssi or ssdi?

Sorry to bother you all with another thread. Can someone please help me out. I’ve applied once for disability with the help of a case worker. It was denied. I no longer have a case worker helping me fill out an application. Will that lower my chances of being accepted?

Someone mentioned to me that I should apply for SSI while I’m looking to work still. She said that things were the opposite of what people usually think (that you’ll be denied because you work) but that they want you to work and supplement your income. Is that true?

Which should I apply for now? I’m still able to work and I’m looking for a full time job, but I may go for part time if these next two interviews and jobs don’t pan out.

Someone also mentioned to me that you commonly get two denials before being accepted/approved for benefits. I am also going to be helping my father apply for disability soon. He has a bad back and has a hard time walking, but still works as an electrician. I hope I’ll be able to fill out his application and get him approved, but I’m not sure about that either.

Any advice is very much appreciated by me.

its sometimes best to get help in filling out for ssi and ssdi. I have ssi I didn’t qualify for ssdi. I got ssi my first try. my dad applied over 10 years ago and still doesn’t have it. he has been denied time and time again. my dad has schizoaffective disorder with COPD and asthma. I wish you good luck in applying and getting ssi or ssdi


Thank you ccbrown! I’ll be applying in person for ssi in a couple of weeks! I hope all goes well. I also hope your dad will come in good luck and receive ssi or ssdi soon!

Get a lawyer. That will help you get ssd. My lawyer filled out all the paperwork.

I don’t even know how to start with getting one.
I wouldn’t be able to look into until after I begin working because I don’t have any funds right now.

And I don’t know which one to apply to because I still want to work so I figured SSI. Right?

You can get SSDI (if you qualify) and work later.

It didn’t cost me anything up front. They get paid when u get approved.

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I don't even know how to start with getting one.

I wouldn’t be able to look into until after I begin working because I don’t have any funds right now.

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April 3Get a lawyer. That will help you get ssd. My lawyer filled out all the paperwork.

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I qualify, but I can’t afford to risk this new job I’m starting Wednesday just to be denied benefits again

Okay, Thanks Sheryl

If u go to a mental health clinic you may be able to get a case manager to help

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Yes, I had a case manager’s help for the first time I applied. I may try a lawyer.

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If you get back pay some of it will pay for the fees.y brother got 25 thousand back about a third went to his lawyer
But his was from 10 years ago

Wow! That’s so good. That was such a blessing!

Sadly, I just got off the phone with a lawyer’s receptionist. She was doing my intake, but by the end of it she said I wouldn’t have a case since I am going to be starting a new full-time job. My thing is, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay on this job. The longest I’ve ever worked a full-time job was 9 months and I quit both times because of not being able to handle stress from socializing with coworkers. It’s a bummer.

I still have the appointment to apply on my own in two weeks. I was only going to try because a mental health professional I was talking to said SSI would be possible if I did work. She said to not believe the rumors that you can’t work and get it. She said they want you to work and then supplement the income to you. The job placements they had were almost all part-time though, so I guess she meant working as part-time and getting SSI. The receptionist I talked to today said there’s a small chance to get SSI if you have a part-time job. I hope I get it because I need some security or stability.

Generally, you will be denied if you are working or able to work. It is expected that if your condition improves that you may return to full-time or part-time work. Whether or not you get SSI or SSDI is ONLY dependent on whether or not you have worked long enough to have paid into SSDI. If you were qualified for SSI or SSDI, you would have gotten it.SSDI tends to be a bit higher payment than SSI. SSI is usually for those who have never worked or worked for a few years only. I had worked for 20 years and got SSDI without help from anyone because I literally could not work in my field anymore. My license has been disabled. The key is whether or not you are too ill to survive without help.


Thanks anon25437907. I may or may not be qualified. I’ve worked ten years and the social security website says i would be paid around 800 for disability. I don’t think that’s enough to live off of so I keep trying to work. I guess I will be denied again because I can work for some periods of time. I wish the system wasn’t set up the way that it is. It’s a harsh reality.

If you work and make less than $840 per month I think you have a chance of being approved with a documented case of sz. If you make more than $1170 there’s no way you will be approved. I think there are more restrictions on working with SSI than SSDI.

I think they offset your SSI by the amount you make from working. With SSDI you get both as long as you don’t go over $840. There are extended benefits if you make up to $1170 unless you are blind. Then you can make more.

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Okay wow thank you TomCat. That means right now I am excluded from both.

Talk with your psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (that is what
I have) and let her or him know that your symptoms are preventing you from
working full-time. Scale back to part-time and try to stay with friends or
family until you get approved. It’s all about the record between you and
your doctor. I have had over 14 hospitalizations. I have a bad case. My
license to practice law was taken away and a court found me mentally

I may need a New psychiatrist because my current seems to not care about anything besides the dosage of pills I’m taking and it’s really disappointing. I’m going to give her one more shot.

I’m so sorry you lost your license that must have been a terrible time for you… I hope you are doing good today. There is hope, we just have to keep the faith