I was applying for ssi and I keep getting denied. I don’t feel I can work. Not a major job per say but getting money I’ve been doing surveys online and made 600 in 2021 and 450 last four months last year last track rest.

Hopefully not to be fussed at but it’s been 6 years and I was told I haven’t been disabled since 2021 and i think I reached my breaking point and I know surveys are unreliable but other l”legit” jobs are too stressful hence the ssi try.

This is kind of a vent or to see if anyone can relate? I think most may be on disbility here or working regular jobs here

Sorry not spamming and may sound oddd​:cherry_blossom::hibiscus::hibiscus::bouquet::purple_heart:


Did you get a lawyer to prepare your case? Did you collect all the reports from psychiatrists? Have you had many hospitalizations?

Some questions that come to mind.

I know that in some countries it’s hard to get on disability. I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck with no income.


Try using a lawyer. Good luck. S

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once I got lawyer involved everything happened fairly quickly and I was approved.

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It took me several years to get on SSDI. I think SSI is even harder. I would do as others have said and get a lawyer. Although, I personally got mine without one. I don’t know if its the same with SSI, but the good thing with SSDI, is that if they do finally approve you, they pay you back pay for all the years since you first applied, and sometimes even farther back in time(to the time when you can prove you were disabled, with a limit of so many years beyond your first application.)

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