Sports & delusions


Do you feel like being active or doing sports lessens psychotic symptoms? I feel like delusions lessen when im very active for a while, as if there is no room for them left. I often dont do much physically active stuff though. What do you think? Can it help? (Not in a “throw my meds out of the window cause im healed” way. More in a “hey, this feels better, i have a little less symptoms” way).

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There’s a lot of research that says exercise is great for schizophrenia.


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I just feel malingering when I don’t exercise. I don’t play sports anymore, but I lift weights and sometimes jog. would like to jog more, but don’t have a place to run. looking into getting a treadmill.

but when I used to live in the old neighborhood, I would walk about 10 miles a day and I was completely psychotic, would hallucinate voices all day so being active doesn’t always help. but at least I wasn’t malingering.

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What’s 15151515?

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I feel like every time I went out to play basketball I felt like I had a life again. I felt like it was a good distraction for my brain. Aswell as the peer support you get from it. I think its a great way to meet new people and help your psychotropic condition anytime.


I’m not active now, but I used to be. Exercise gave me more energy, but it never affected my positive symptoms.

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Exercise really helps me it gets me out of the house and around people. I have almost no symptoms when I’m training my focus is mainly on trying to finish my workout then anything else. I have more symptoms when I’m idle and not doing anything.

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I’ve had some results doing exercise. Better negatives, more motivation and better mood. Cognition seems to have approved as well. I still play competitive cricket at 48 years of age. Sport is very good and gives you something to work towards.