Hello 101010

I feel my life is very difficult, but it is a fate I have to accept.
In the past tried to study but gave it up already 4 years ago.
Now the only thing that I manage to hang onto is physical exercise.
Today I used a recumbent bike for 15 minutes, and I am moderately happy about that.
I hope to do every day 2-3 sets of aerobic exercise with increasingly good results and then do strength
training partially at health club and partially at home.
Today of all this I managed to do just one set of aerobic exercise.
But it is better than nothing.


I rode my bicycle a lot today, exercising is good for schizophrenics and people who suffer from depression. As I remember you were studying math, I hope you are continuing, math is very helpful in many ways.


Hello @mjseu, while I am talented at mathematics, my current level of stamina is so low that I can’t study 1 minute, so this direction is not promising for me.
I used to study several hours net a day several years ago, but it was unsustainable.

Try Amyloban 3399, it’s a Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement that seriously reduces positive symptoms! I feel 99.99% normal symptomwise now thanks to that. There are next to no side effects too, so it won’t impact your fitness regimen.

It has allowed me to reduce my antipsychotic dosage by half, even. Also, it has helped half a dozen people on this website already!

This article posted earlier today may interest you @Chess24


i had a great time at church today the people there are amazing, i guess i could say i exercised my faith, i love my faith, my voice was the best so far so i exercised my vocals as well lol

i’m glad your doing ok anyway, i think you’re ok :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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