Does exercise / lifting help ur schizophrenia?

Just curious of ur guys opinion on this I’m thinking about getting a gym membership again.


@mortimermouse - this is YOUR thang.

Myself, yes, absolutely. I just get so busy with work and volunteer stuff in the real world that my physical health goes to pot.

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Working out at the gym definitely helps me. My hallucinations are triggered by stress. Working out definitely lowers my stress. I just got a new membership at Planet Fitness. It’s cheap and close to my house. I love it!


I exercise every weekday and I’ve been able to shed about 40 pounds that I gained from the side effects of Zyprexa. I’m skinny but I’m still losing more weight just from doing a lot of endurance based workouts that center around martial arts. I’ve been gaining some muscle but I want to be as lean as possible before I try to center on that. Sometimes I have to force myself to workout but when I do I feel way better mood wise.

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I used to do bodybuilding and powerlifting befor my schiz now because of schiz I can’t lift and my body is ■■■■■■

Yes! It helps with sleep and hormone levels. Also metabolizm. Also confidence and self image.

Just try not to narcissism the whole thing


Exercise is great for my mood and stability.

Though I’ve never tried it myself, I’ve gathered from stories told here that pre-workout supplements are honest to god terrible for psychosis, though. If someone who has tried them could confirm or deny, that would be great.

My dad just signed me up at a local gym. I like to swim there. I haven’t tried the weight room yet.

There was a perv swimming yesterday. He’d stare at me and then turn away whenever I would look at him.

I think exercise helps with the negative symptoms.

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It can improve your sleep quality, your moods, your sex attraction :wink:.

Sleep was best but without exercise, the weight from psych meds does creep up bad.

Without sleep, most women get huge.

No. I prefer walking and bicycle.