Spirtiual experince going through psychosis

i hallucinated the devil, in ape form in 2000.

then last year i had a voice saying, ‘‘i am the lord your god there are no false gods before me’’

all my psychosis is related to religious stuff

i only ever had a couple of seemingly religious delusions whih is odd for me as i don’t believe in god. first i thought i was going to hell and second i thought that my son was an immaculate conception through out of body sex. laughable now but got me at the time.

well my psychosis stripped me of all religious beliefs. I was non-religious but into Buddhism before my psychosis. Now I just say ■■■■ it I worship my meds. Allah, God, Jesus, none of them created Geodon. Humans did. I also can’t be buddhist because I take tons of drugs! Prescription drugs to cure insanity, yes, but buddhism says no drugs or alcohol, and I am physiologically dependent on three medications!

Also, If there is a higher power, I owe him a kick in the nuts before we can talk. He ■■■■■■ me, and I was a really noble kid before schizophrenia, I wanted to become a military officer.

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Only thing remotely connected to religion was that I could walk on water. As did Jesus. I never had a chance to try it out because I was hospitalized.