Is anyone preoccupied with extreme religiosity?

I became religious through my extreme delusions and psychosis. Has this happened to anyone else?

me personally I lost my faith since at one point I was wondering is I was the messiah when my psychiatrist asked me that. But I admire spiritual people.

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I’ve been close to that, I think that I’m talking with Jesus a lot, when really it’s just thought broadcasting.

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Nope (fifteen characters).

A few of us got to be jesus though


Higher power helps with addictions. Not much else.


It happened to me

Oh yes. I have spoken & argued with many in my hallucinogenic visuals.

I have learned to die down these experiences and force everyone in the experience to just realize that deep down we are all human. I’m sure there are hierarchies in some way, shape, or form operating within the conscious collective of all humans, but until proven otherwise, I am not going to bow down to certain authorities.

I have, and always will, be for social equaility.

Im the opposite im preoccupied with NOT being religious even though my morals are pretty much the same as REAL practicing Christians I don’t identify myself by my morals.

Im not one of those Christians that expects preferential treatment just for living by functionable moral values.

I’m a practising Muslim, but it has nothing to do with my psychosis. When I hear voices it is non-religious. I’m not as strict a Muslim as my husband, but I grew up with a fear of God so I am law-abiding, following Islamic law.

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my delusions however have a lot of religious themes from the bible. I don’t know why, it’s kinda bizarre. I’m gonna ask my psychiatrist about this.

Yeah, delusions made me religious, but i’m not really

Nope. Not religious. Non believer in fact. Despite all the whacky things I went through in psychosis. I do believe the world is a bit stranger than it looks though.

Yes I’ve been preoccupied with this but not so much anymore. I once believed the abrahamic god (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) was real but that he was in fact more like a demon than a god. More specifically an evil demiurge. That delusion didn’t last very long though and I’m glad I’m not preoccupied with religion anymore.

My immediate family isn’t religious…

But as I got worse… I’d say I got more spiritual.

After some manic hits and some epiphanies and revelations… and other “spiritual” out of body experiences… I did get preoccupied with Buddhism and got very adamant about living a Zen life.

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