Do you think that excessive spanking might have help lead to you developing sz?

spanking ???

Yes, getting disciplined and pattled on your bottom.

okay now I understood…

For example, I know some people that are very against spanking as a form of discipline because they say it causes aggression issues.

My parents were brought up under the stick and lash mentality. I think the beatings made me stronger as a child but lowered my respect for authority as an adult.


I only got spanked a few times, but my dad bloodied my nose on multiple occasions. I was a hostile teenager and young adult. I don’t know if that’s directly related to the hitting or the schizophrenia. I was a very angry person from ages 12-20.

Do you feel that if you would have been less angry as a teenager, that perhaps you would have never developed sz or developed it at a later age?

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I think my sz was caused by the death of my mother at age 11. Got my diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia at age 12. I believe mine was stress-induced. My dad didn’t start wailing on me until I was 13. I should have said that to be more clear.

You could use an another word …

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If only our parents took general psych 110 (which I’m in now) so they could’ve learned that positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment.

Coming from almost 20 years experience with traumatized, PTSD-soaked, anxious manic and depressed, as well as psychotic, pts, I’d be forced to say that while severe child abuse is often a major factor in the development of all these dxs, spanking per se may or may not be.

The issue is more about threat and its cumulative, “excitotoxic” effects upon the autonomic (“fight or flight”) nervous system over time. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excitotoxicity, though the explanation given there is narrower than what has recently been observed by researchers.) Physical abuse – and even threat thereof – can put neurochemical receptor sites and neural dendritic extensions where you don’t want then.

That said, spanking appears to be psychologically harmful to children over the age of six or seven. Children that age and older are generally better dealt with using behavior modification, reward-and-reinforce or “time-out” (to knock down autonomic arousal) “animal training.”

After age ten or so, “reward-or-ignore-never-punish” may be best if the child has developed a functional “conscience” and/or (and better yet) the social self-awareness that usually shows up in early adolescence.

If not, take a parenting skills training class.

cent % I was never spanked but never listen just indifferent as I fail only criticize and loved and nurtured always expected only good result out of bad nurturing just couldn’t control myself. I used to fell miserable and pity myslf. I couldn’t ratfy my self image. always coward and shy among friends never take part in social gathering always greedy and jelousy seeing other always choose shortcut to work for aim never succeed always confined to rooms with door closed no one dare to knock ma door lost and out of this world left alone completely isolated…

I would like to add also that my parents stopped spanking me at 13 for I was also an angry teenager and just ran away staying away form them for weeks and sometimes months. I am 45 now and just started hearing voices last year so I do not find a connection to these things.


That said, i think you’re abusing an inicially good word.

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So what’s your opinion sarad? does excessive spanking help contribute to the development of serious mental illness? :blush:

I think it has more benefits …

If we are still at its extended meaning :wink:

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No . I don’t blame anything like that. Parents just do what they can to raise there kids. I turned out alright :slight_smile:

I used to get my dads belt. Just the threat of it could make me cry.