Poll: Were you spanked as a child

  • Yes a lot
  • Yes a little
  • No

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a slap may be a good thing…just a slap of the hand…obviously nothinh serious

My parents never hurt me. But lots of kids have this problem in my hometown.

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Wooden spoon at home, slipper or trainer on the backside at boarding school.

It hasn’t turned me into a pervert though… :wink:

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Just a little, when I misbehaved.
By my mom not my father.

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Unfortunately yes. And unfortunately they took it way to far a lot. I’m adamantly against spanking you should never hit a child the ■■■■ is wrong with you


Yes. The time I remember most is when my parents had gone to a cocktail party and I really cheeked the baby sitter. The baby sitter was really sought after and said she wouldn’t baby sit us again. I remember waiting all day for my father to come home to punish me.

I don’t think so. My mom had a yardstick and I remember my sister hiding under the table from it. I was the baby so I think I saw it and behaved so I could avoid it.

I was beat with a belt. A military belt.

I was spanked with trucker hats.my dads hats looked like ■■■■ after a while.

I was not only beaten thoroughly every day I was at one point shot.literally shot in the rib cage.

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i very rarely got a smack on the leg or butt or something for being mean. my step dad lost his temper occasionally and would hit me, once he grabbed me up and slammed me against a car in public and yelled at me when i was 8 or so. my brother assaulted me almost everyday. very rarely ever touched by my mom or dad though

@sweldon001 you got shot?!? I’d ask what happened but omg dude are you ok?? I’m sorry that happened to you :worried:

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I only have a 4Inch scar on left rib cage from it . I survived that life now I"m doing way much more better.


I’m sorry @sweldon001
Glad your doing better

Me and my sisters either got my dads belt across our bare butts or the yardstick from my mom.

I used to get hit/smacked multiple times round my head whenever I did something wrong.
Maybe that’s why my brain is so ■■■■■■ up


I was hit with a wooden spoon lol. It’s name was Sally smack

punished with a belt by my dad or smacked by my bro…

Uhhh like one time over pants when I was 5 and it wasn’t even painful just scary

My parents aren’t very big spankers. Usually reserved for only when we were very bad as little kids though sometimes my dad just lost his temper too. I think I received the least spankings of all my siblings but I was a freakishly well behaved child according to my parents. They said I gave them false ideals about what raising a kid was like :joy:

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