Spanish intensive course

I’ve set up a last test to check whether I’m ready to go work part-time. It’s a Spanish intensive course the first 2 weeks of March. It’s in Brussels and encompasses 3 hours of lessons a day, de lunes hasta viernes.

It also gives me something to look forward to. I hope it goes well and that I learn a lot.


I think you do well.
If I’d had to work, I would have done the same kind of activities.
(English intensive courses :innocent: :grin:)

Good luck to you.


@Jonathan2 , Is it offered year round? Because I’m interested. Could I get information like a phone number or an email address to contact? Thanks.

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It’s from the Instituto Cervantes. They offer classes all over the world year round. I’m following a face-to-face class but some classes are videoclasses. Their website is


Thanks @Jonathan2 . I’ll look into it.


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