New Spanish Course

I enrolled for a new Spanish Course when I’m back in Belgium. It starts in 3 weeks.

It’s at the Cervantes Institute in Brussels. One evening a week for 3 hours face-to-face.

It’s about an 1h30 commute door to door, so I’m making some effort.

Anyone else starting a new course in the new semester?


I am not. Good luck with the new course. I admire your desire to continue to learn.

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Thanks. I like to learn. One day it will end but we’re not there yet.

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Good luck! I had Spanish in University.
Im thinking of doing a graphic design course or getting into peer support. My cousin says i should do something with my creativity

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I hope you find a course to your liking.

I’m studying Spanish because I’m going to move to Madrid in September. I just made a request for an AirBnB. I hope it gets approved!


Wow thats awesome. U are from Belgium right? I was in Gent last week

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Yes I am. My dad lives in Ghent so sometimes I visit.

Did you have a good time (despite the winter weather)?

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There was a light show but it was super crowded

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