Voice like noises from the toilet flush and washing machine

I still can’t make out any distinct words , but it seems as though recently they’ve be getting nearer and nearer in quality to my being able to do so .

I hear whispers, and I can make out one word, usually my nickname, gets through


A while ago, I lived at a place that had a fish tank. The water bubbling into the tank from the filter sounded like a group of people talking, but I could never make out what they were saying.


The shower normally sets them off, the sound of the water running and splashing. Dogs licking their paws, oddly enough.


I know people without psychosis can hear voices , but I wonder whether they have functional hallucinations .

Last week when no one was here I could hear whispering downstairs. Then my cat ran upstairs straight into my bedroom. She only does that if she gets scared. I went down to check. It was gone after that.

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I have a fan running at night. Sometimes I hear people talking in it but I can’t make out what they are say. I’m used to it

I hear voices in sound too. I hear screams in the shower, so I take baths. Certain noises trigger me badly and I get scared.

If they are grtting louder you should contact your doc to increase medication dosage. I hope you arent stressed out.

I can’t say I’m stressed . The thought they could be (@ninjastar move this if necessary) aliens crossed my mind but not in a firm conviction kind of way i.e more a random speculative thought .

Oh no, you should catch yourself slipping. Get help right away before they get worse.

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