Sorry for being negative, but I hate one of my jobs and need to vent

I know I ■■■■■ about the gas station job a lot, but it’s making me miserable. I need a break from it, but I cannot afford that. Maybe I can just drop down to working only Thursday nights. Then I’d be full of dread and anxiety only one night per week. Idk what to do.


Man, service jobs can eat your soul. Sympathies and (((hugs))).



I know you hate the gas station job, but you need it,

For now.

Maybe if you pick up another course next semester you can quit,

But right now you’re trying to find a new place and could probably use the extra cash.

Its miserable, its also temporary.

You won’t have to do it forever, just a little bit longer.

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The job market is pretty good. Maybe you can get another job you like better.

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I don’t think I should look for a new job just yet, only because I plan to move to a different area soon, to be closer to my teaching jobs. I plan to wait until I know where I’m moving to, then look for a side job around there.


Sounds like a plan.

I used to visit seven eleven everyday for years when I smoked. The job there seemed to have a high turnover rate. Where the average employee only lasted like 3 months. It seems like you are not alone in not liking it.

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I hear you loud and clear. I recently quit a gas station/fast food job. I hated it; only lasted eight months.

I wish you the best in getting out of there or cutting down your time there.


Omg I just had some guy telling me about God and Jesus, quoting bible verses.

He did not appear to be mentally well. I feel bad for the guy, but damn; I just wanted him to leave.

It’s been very busy, which is not good for my anxiety.

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Oh man, aren’t customers just the best?

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There’s a guy who has been at our ATM for the past twenty minutes. I’m really getting irritated.

Bleh, I’m sorry.

How many more hours left of your shift?

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This seemed appropriate!


I have about 5 hrs left. Well, hopefully. The owner will be here in the morning, and sometimes he decides to come in at 7, instead of at 6. Not much I can say, since it’s the boss.

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Definitely sending more (((hugs))).

Have you considered a graveyard security job? Many involve patrolling empty buildings. No interaction. Lots of quiet time, good for reading books. They just need responsible people who won’t invite friends over to party.

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I’ve done security before. It’s awful. Idk, I suppose it’s something to consider once I get moved.

Well, has to be the right kind of security. Single sentry is good where you’re just expected to call cops if crap hits the fan. Confrontational shiz, not so much!

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I hear ya. Please ■■■■■ all you want. I’ve done the evening shift liquor store job. You either get dicks or creeps for ten hours and it seems like there is no middle ground. Of course being a liquor store clerk I could just say ■■■■ you to their faces and still keep my job. Gas station jobs imho require a high degree of customer ser…err I mean ass kissing. People bichen about gas prices or coming in stoned wanting directions or trying to sell You something.

Gosh. I could go on and on. Customer service jobs should a vampire clause:

Will suck you dry

No joke. People suck ass. So my point to this long post is that I have a lot of empathy for you.

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Yeah, and I’ve been doing customer service for so very long.

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Whatever pays the bills at the end of the day is the most important. Although some job satisfaction is needed to maintain a job I must admit.

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