I hate my job


I am thankful I am capable to work but I hate my job! Very often I have nothing to do there and today my manager made me a remark for chatting on my phone. I got so angry because on Monday I told her I have nothing to do! She is responsible to distribute work to the employees! Not only that but it’s hediously boring! I spoke to my psy today and she finally believed me it’s not because of my medication but it’s obvious that my job is no good. I start applying for other positions. I sent 9 cvs today. Wish me luck!


Good luck finding another job @VanGogh. It doesn’t sound like this current one is a good fit for you.


Thanks, disciple! It’s really toxic for me


i remember once when i was bartending. i got to the pub and it was pretty dead. i was on time i believe but was suppose to be 15 mins early or whatever. So the manager lady comes up to me in not a great mood saying Your Late! So I Chimed back Ok Take an hour off my pay then :smile: she turned into a tomato.


Phone use is frowned upon at work. This should not be surprising to you. Also, if you’re not busy, you need to find something to do or ask your manager for something to do.

Good luck with the job hunt.


Sorry that the job is underwhelming. It sucks being caught in a job you hate. Good luck in your venture to finding a new one.


Good luck with your job search
Keep a positive attitude

Maybe you could learn a new skill that get you a better job or a job you enjoy more


Good luck! I hope you find something you like doing!


I wish I had a job where it’s not always busy busy. All my jobs were awful dish washers and cooks


I worked in restaurants when I was living in Canada. I hated it. Compared to that my current job is awesome!