It's my last day working at the gas station 🙂

I’m so glad I’m almost done here, just another five or six hours and I’m done. I don’t know if I’ll be relieved at 6 am or at 7.

It’s just past 1 am, and it’s just now starting to slow down.

I hate this place, causes me too much anxiety, not to mention it’s taking valuable time I could put toward my teaching stuff.


Glad you got through it and you should feel proud. Hope the next phase of your life is a lot less stressful! Well done to you!


i have worked at a couple gas stations many years ago. and i remember instances that occurred such as being told to work the morning rush after working 3rd shift and having to stay over 2 or 3 hours then have to drive home about a half hour and being worried that i was going to fall asleep at the wheel… that was when i told them i quit. the other gas station i worked at i didnt get anything out of it as far as being content and feeling something for helping people, it just felt like torture to me having to stand in one spot all day or evening and i got burnt out on that real quick plus the coworkers i didnt care for. most people who work minimum wage in that kind of environment people are kinda low and shady. not all but most i have worked with. and ive only had 1 job that wasnt minimum wage.

Idk, I’ve worked a lot of low-paying jobs, but I never had that problem with coworkers.

One thing that really sucks tonight is that the toilet is broken. I guess if I need to go I’ll have to do it out back by the dumpster.

Less than hour to go. Really, I should be gone already, but I agreed to stay over an extra hour.


you should be just about done now, yeah it’s over!

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I thought u were a teacher man.

Is the gas station a part time thing ?

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Yes, the gas station was a part-time side job. I was working just 1-2 midnight shifts per week.
The extra money was helpful, but I just can’t do it anymore.


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