I'm quitting the gas station job 😃

I gave my manager notice this morning. I was just going to drop down to working Thursday nights only, but instead I’m working next Thursday, then I’m done there.

It’s possible I could work some hours there next summer, when I’m off from teaching, but we’ll see.

One night per week is not worth rearranging my sleep and meds schedule every damn week, plus I need to get away from that place completely. It’s been very bad for my mental health, especially these past few months.

I don’t really need the income anymore, now that I’m making so much more in the way of teaching pay. Quitting the gas station will also free me up to spend more time working on my teaching stuff.



You’re freeeee!


I don’t know how you did it.

That’s when I left Wal-Mart. They switched me to nights. I did the first night and it liked to have killed me. I had no idea what to do about my meds. I quit that week. But it wasn’t all about working nights.

I thought my supervisor was in on the Conspiracy against me and she had written me up. A coaching WalMart calls it. I wasn’t quite stable then though. That’s when I went on SSDI.

I hope the teaching goes well.


I share both Goldenrex’s and Tomcat’s sentiment.

I don’t know how you do it and congratulations. Just thought I’d offer some friendly support. I have a lot of respect for what you all manage to get done. You never use the illness as an excuse until it really is affecting you. I’m not trying to belittle anyone, but y’all get some ■■■■ done. I’m trying to enter the workforce again.


good luck mate :slight_smile:

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I bet teaching is enjoyable too! Much better! Good luck on everything!

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Glad tp read you’re leaving that job. Hope it all goes well!

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I’m happy for you

Sounds good… More time for your job of interest


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Don’t you worry about getting robbed working nights at a gas station? I could never do that job.

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No, I don’t really worry about it; I got used to being on that shift.

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