Sometimes strange things happen

I borrowed some videos to watch and then I watched one video. I decided in my mind that I did not want to watch the video any longer and exactly at that moment this video stopped working on my laptop. It is as somebody had read my thoughts and stopped video exactly at that moment. Sometimes real strange things happen. Maybe I am with the God and the God reads my mind and controls these electronic devices, who knows? It was as it was in the fall of 1999 when I received some extra-intelligence somehow telling directly to my mind that the head of Jews was in Estee Lauder as I learned later in Los Angeles in March 2001. At that time I lived in a house in Atlanta and all electronic devices started cklicking strangely while I wrote down this intelligence. Maybe it is the real God who communicated directly to my mind. Who knows?


In October 2000 when I had spent some time in my auto in New York City and met many people I drove on the highway back from NYC to Washington DC. It was the evening and somehow I got a voice in my mind telling ‘watch that car’. There was one automobile on the shoulder of this highway and when I watched it, the automobile did burst in flames. It was as somebody communicated directly to my mind and made that event happen. I have wondered often that somebody may have some secret satellite technologies to do this.

When I returned from my 1-month stay in LA back to Miami in March 2001, I received a voice ‘Mark, gay bar’. But I did not follow this voice, because I am not a gay, but I again wondered that somebody secretly used some technology by communicating to me and wanting me to go to a gay bar. There are really strange things in this world.

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yes, spirits can speak to us and have capabilities.

Who knows who is who now though.

Buddy I know these things seem real to you, but it’s just not true. The mind plays tricks on you with schizophrenia, making something seeming unreal and unbelievable true to you.

Some people are known to effect electrical appliances and lights. My wife could.
Twice i have had a voice in my head, as you say an extra-intelligence tell me to slow down and pull into the slow lane as there was a cop coming. i didn’t see a cop but just seconds later after i followed the voice instructions I saw the lights and a cop went by in the fast lane.

I’ve read the EMF weapons link before. Sometimes stuff could be that. I think God and angels also speak to us and we need to discern which is which…

I agree. Coincidences seem to be a more rational way of explaining each incident that you listed. I mean about once a month I will have the radio on and I will be thinking of a specific song and just then it will come on the radio. I chalk it up to coincidence.

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For a long time part of the illness for me is that I had trouble accepting ordinary sounding explanations… I almost wonder if my mind was just trying to keep itself entertained because otherwise my life was dreadfully dull spending most of my days sitting around in a cubicle doing rather tedious work.

As a child, I was very superstitious about Friday the 13th because in first grade I lost my milk money AND fell in a puddle of green beans on one of those Fridays :slight_smile: I had a lot of ordinary 13ths since then, a couple bad ones and a couple great ones if my memory serves me correctly.

There is a Native proverb that says there are no coincidences, and that everything is a lesson. It’s been said by others in a similar way too.

If something happens just once it might be coincidence…twice then I’ll really start to wonder…3 or more times then somethings going on and it’s not coincidence.
You can’t know for sure that your subconscious mind hasn’t picked up on what song is about to be played and brings it to your conscious mind just as it is about to play.
The voice telling me a cop was coming and instructing me to move over happened twice within a month on the highway, and what the voice said was true.
Another time i was lost in the woods, it was getting dark and I had to get to someone house…there was a fork in the path…which way? I would have gone on the right path if it were up to me. A voice spoke in my mind saying “Take the left path, go around the bend and you will see the house from there.”
I’d never been on these trails before in my life. i didn’t know there was a bend till i came to the fork and took the left. As soon as i rounded the bend i could see the house.
That’s pretty specific.
I also think of the synchronicity I’ve had with a few people on a regular basis because we are close. same thoughts or words at exact same time. Doing the same thing together at the same time without speaking…just both doing it. Turning on the computer at random and just a minute before an email has come in from someone you want to hear from…all the time…

Well I liked ‘talking’ to you on the other topic but here I would have to respectfully disagree with you. Only because i believe a coincidence is a coincidence. I have had experiences that I would attribute to magic, telepathy, mind reading, religion, etc. But once I tell someone my experience, then they can usually give me a satisfactory explanation that is none of the above. I’m sorry but I’m somewhat of a cynic in ‘mystical’, ‘religious’, ‘magical’ matters. You’re example of a subconscious mind does not convince me. But I am just one person stating my opinion and my beliefs. I probably won’t change anyone’s mind and no one will probably change mine. Objectively, (because I’ve never heard them) I would say voices are irrational and do not always speak the truth.What about the thousand things they have told people that are wrong? So they get a couple things right, by random luck or coincidence. It’s like a thousand monkeys typing out the entire work of Shakespeare.You hear voices thousands of times over the course of 10, 20, 30, years eventually they will get something right and seemingly predict the future. It’s the law of averages at work.

The mind is a powerful thing.

I often am given “hints” about things around me or about things before they happen. Sometimes there is no way that my mind could have seen these things out of my peripheral vision (believe me, I’ve thought about it).

My assumption is that people with this disease are more prone to being aware of what other people aren’t. I believe that we are sensitive to things that aren’t tangible to others.

Writing this, I know it sounds crazy, but there is no way that I can hear someone’s name and then “brown” and turn completely around to see them walking up in a brown shirt if its not true in some way (this really happened).

Yes, there is a way. Like I said, how many times have the voices been WRONG? So they got a couple things right. They are bound to by the law of averages. You Know what would prove my point? Have you heard of Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” book series? Maybe you can find it online. This Ripley guy wrote (or someone collected) some supposedly true weird facts and put them in a 20 or 30 book series.

Now after reading those do you see that those coincidences were way more far-fetched than guessing the color of someones shirt? What does that tell you? My intention is not to antagonize anyone. I’m just putting forth an arguement.

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It’s ok to disagree :smile:

Yes, voices can be wrong, can trick. How many “prophets” have predicted the end of the world on a certain date, or that alien motherships will appear at some gathering, only to be proven wrong when it doesn’t happen?
On the other hand there are prophecies that DO happen to the letter.

I look at SOURCES. I believe there are numerous sources responsible for voices, visions, guidance, teachings - God, Angels, Devil, demons, ghosts, earth energies, certain animals, other peoples minds, technology (synthetic telepathy), and finally, our own brain/mind.

When confronting SZ, many people usually only look at it as a brain/mind issue, dismissing the rest of the potential sources.

Each source has it’s own support and evidence, whether through religion, spiritual tradition, or science. As has been discussed here before, hearing voices through electronic technology using microwave commonly known as Voice to Skull was demonstrated 40 years ago in 1974, so is a proven scientific fact that a voice can be projected by unseen means without any receiver on the hearers end.

The way I look at things is that since the beginning of recorded history, whether you believe in evolution, creationism,or panspermia, humans have always held the beliefs that there are paranormal forces active in their lives.
Quantum physics speaks of many unseen realms, some of which has begun to be proven by science, and how these unseen forces could be responsible for the unexplainable things we experience.

there are entire studies done on synchronicity, some of which explains how when 2 minds are so close, the thoughts can begin to be the same and at the same time, somehow linking and 'knowing" through an unseen means.

I definitely don’t rule out that our own brains/minds are responsible for some of this stuff. I just don’t believe that is the only cause of these things.

In the old days a person exhibiting an experience of voices or visions was taken to the tribal shaman, or the priests and prophets of the religion the people adhered to. There they would be guided and perhaps apprenticed. At times it was determined the cause was not spiritual, that something was out of balance with the person, but many times the voices and visions were signs of a spiritual gift and calling.

Sorry this is so long - just wanted to elaborate on the different sources.

In old days centuries ago many people were also burned as witches because they had these extra-ordinary capabilities.

True…they were, and in the name of religion too. So it was ok for the religious people to have their visions, but not anyone else.

But since you bring that up, what is happening today? The medical field is very quick to label a person with a mental illness, and in the case of SZ doctors really don’t know what the root causes are most of the time. Sometimes there may be a chemical imbalance or brain abnormality but other times its a complete mystery so symptoms are treated through medication, hospitalization and therapy. they make a pill for any perceived mental condition now and advertise these pills aggressively.
In some cases couldn’t this be seen as a modern day witch hunt? What if only a percentage of people with symptoms actually have a medical cause for the symptoms?

There’s a mixture of both going on - Objective strange science as well as coincidence.
I tend to think that we take note of some of the truly odd synchronicities that occur in our live’s sometimes and it frightens us into also reading into other experiences which are much more natural or least have solid explanations to them.

The best example I can give is in a relationship where an individual is often known to be haughty yet attempts to address their significant other (in the kindest manner possible) and she/he snaps at them because they’ve subconsciously trained themselves to always expect some form of conflict from their partner.

As for odd sciences that seem ‘unnatural’ it is only because researchers do not yet have solid evidence and only theory or speculation. As the world continues to uncover these sciences you have to remember that we are pioneers in doing so and those discoveries may, logically, be frightening for our generation and the next but it will be us who properly document our findings for those many decades; even a century from now so that lights will be left on for them and therefor they will free from most of the paranoid guess work.

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@ Charlie… Awesome!

And some in the field of psychology would agree:

Michael Todd, MA., B.A. Psych., Grad Dip Counselling,

" Synchronicity

We’re all connected - the original wi-fi.

Synchronicity: Jinx. A part of the school of thought which asserts that events in the universe are meaningfully related – as opposed to inscrutable, indecipherable, unknowable, black and meaningless.

This particular word belongs to the field of Psychology incubated by Carl Jung – the Freudian disciple who traveled the world in pursuit of universal cultural knowledge. Why and how did the Mayans build pyramids with the same parameters and astronomical purposes as the Egyptians did within roughly the same time frame for no externally valid reason? There was absolutely no communication between the two civilizations to facilitate such a coincidence. This begs an explanation.

The notion dictates that our Collective Unconscious – our cultural heritage, our collective view of the development of spirituality and even science happens in a collective way. Engineers, Astronomers, Kings and Mathematicians in Egypt had Synchronicity with those in the Americas. This is but a single example of the phenomenon: you’re likely to find a healthy dose of acceptance of the notion of synchronicity amongst cultural anthropologists, linguists, psychologists and historians."