For those on the fringe part 2

Talk about unusual ideas you have here.

Talk about why?

You ever feel like someone else was hearing your thoughts?

Yes, I’ve felt like that. It is complicated.

But I doubt people on the streets are reading my mind. Our handlers can read our minds, but they’re not human.

Our scuzzy delusions don’t fit. Good luck dude.

It wont cure you to deny it is happening. Good luck. :smiley:

I don’t deny it at all. Well not most of the time.

I’m not cured either, but denying the reality of the fundamentals of the experience I don’t think is the answer.

You just need to change your ideology on the nature of what you are experiencing and then you will be more grounded. Right now you have suspicions everyone can read your mind and that is definitely not the case. Stability can be found in the mind set it is telepathic in nature.

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You see they change their strategy if you modify how you look at it. Denying their reality gives them more power because it is a false belief.


So lets just say for a moment that your soul is divided into two parts the part that becomes you and the part that is inside the mind of the part that becomes you. The mind of the soul and then the mind inside of it who you really are.

If I could enter into the mind of the soul and talk to yourself their could you hear me here. The voices you hear are all inside this mind the higher mind the mind that is who you really are. They can find your thoughts about anything and anyone and can use these thoughts to confuse you to all ends. They can make sounds appear as if outside yourself or inside yourself. They can thought form and create impressions of things on the skin as if something or someone is touching you. I can thought form these feelings and can have them mimic these feelings on my skin. The voices are inside your minds mind or the higher mind and are souls from many places.


That is just a new age way of saying it is a hallucination. I don’t believe that to be the case.

Being ignorant gives them a strategic advantage, so by denying their existence gives them power over you.

This is my video on advice.

Hello daimon

I am not suggesting that what you are experiencing is an hallucination. I am suggesting that the mind of the soul has souls within it that are communicating to you and this is what you are hearing as voices.


One explanation for your mind set is you’ve become sensitized into thinking everyone can read your mind, when just your handlers and possibly a few key others can.

It is a similar concept to operant conditioning.

But it is more complicated than even this in how they make you feel this way. My guess is it involves brain entrainment as well.

Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons - CNN, 1985

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