Little help please

Hi all so just need help rationalizing something else I went through.

On my way home from Dublin in the car, I start to hear the faint voice of Anthony saying ‘are you a mindreader?’ Are you a mindreader? ‘Can you hear me?’

For anyone that doesn’t know Anthony is a guy I used to work with (also in the IRA). I only hear his voice at home and I went to Dublin to escape it. The gist of what my voices put me through is that they told me I am a freak because I can hear them and they accuse me of being some sort of mindreader. I believed I was in a lot of trouble for it.

So anyway, I’m in the car and I can kinda hear his voice. So instantly I think, he must be in one of the cars in front of me or behind me, that was my rational at the time he must be close is what I’m saying. So I think oh s h i t I can hear his voice I must be a mindreader (edit; I’m not worried about being a mindreader I know now they were only doing it to trick me)

But here’s the f’d up part. I then pull off the motorway into this little village and I’m turning around the car in a parking lot and who do I see but ANTHONY driving by me and he was staring at me. I heard his voice claiming I’m a mindreader and then I see him giving me looks, how do I rationalize that?? I think he was following behind me and seen I pulled in

I’m conscious that I started threads similar to this but I can assure you on my family’s lives, it is all true and nothing is fabricated and I didn’t hallucinate it. (And I know I’m posting this on a recovery sz forum but it’s the only place I can turn to atm)

It’s just a messed up coincidence. And coincidences can mess up schizophrenics.


Iv had so many EXACTLY like this. It really makes me believe in it.

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We remember the freaky coincidences and forget when our “prophecy”/whatever doesn’t come true. It’s called “confirmation bias”.


But I never willed this to happen before it was just an as it happened kind of thing

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please seek a psychiatrist to observe you and give you some medicine…you sound ill.

Thank you but I have one. Iv been voice free for 20 weeks. Its these coincidences that are making me ill.

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then I think your meds are not the right meds for you…tell your pdoc about the paranoia.

Until you realise the difference between your normal self and a voice this is is going to be a problem.

Voices are a part of yourself that says what you expect to hear. It is your subconscious tricking you that the voice is a real supernatural entity, when in fact it is not.

You expect to see Anthony or someone that looks like him (in a car like his), and a sz mind always interlinks coincidences because that is how our mind works, whether it was him or not and Shazam the links merge and you are lost in delusion.

It is a human condition to see coincidence, but sz add meaning to it. That is the difference. The mind is programmed instinctively to see coincidence, and the normal mind lets go and dismisses it. The sz mind can’t.

When you know this you can learn to let go by understanding that when you set out to see a white car you will see lots of them. Overthinking that white cars mean something is where it goes wrong.

Hope this insight helps. :slight_smile:

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Anybody have any other similar coincidences happen?

Are you seeing a psychiatrist?
Taking meds?
I feel like you probably should. Weird coincidences Do happen all the time, most people can move past them and not overthink.
The world is not out to get you.

Hey @anon47167357! I wanted to tell you about a supplement that got rid of my anxiety and ruminating over stuff like this. Lion’s Mane. It’s a mushroom extract. I got mine off Amazon from Real Mushrooms. I used to obsess over stuff that had made me think the same as you over coincidence and more. Sorry I forgotto bring it up before. A lot of people swear by the one form of it called Amyloban, but it is expensive. I got by with the one I used and it was darn near a miriacle. It also helps with pain!

Thanks zombie I’ll definently try this if/when my voices return

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I t would help you not be so obsessed with what happened

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I’ve had similar things happen. It was paranoia not coincidence. The mind can believe things that are not real.

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Really? What was it like? It’s probably paranoia, but it’s messed up.

You think people are people who they are not. You think people are trying to do things they are not.

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How close were you to the person you thought was someone else? I was probably 20 feet. ‘John’ was driving the car and ‘anthony’ was in the front seat. He stared at me.

Do you realize how poor eye witness accounts are. Not reliable at all

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There are many explanations possible…

  • You have hallucinated him. How do you know it is not a hallucination?
  • You mistook someone for him.
  • You think about him all the time, and coincidentally one of these times you saw him? It is truly a coincidence. Such things happen. With the amount of time you are thinking of him, chances increase.

And even - which im sure it isnt true - in the case that he spoke to you in your mind: so what? Ignore him.

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