An unusual belief

I’m being totally honest with this real story. I started to hear voices after I took LSD and smoked weed the same day. Just like most people who hear voices, are quiet sure that someone is talking inside their brains. Lets not arque about it yet. The field related to possible souls talking to us should get more weight. How can you be sure that there’s no possibility to mix up with some other souls if some drugs make it possible.

What if lot of us were near to leave our body because LSD made us so scared? What if I mixed up with other souls and now there’s more souls using my body? This is an alternative belief to all the “mind control” crap. The reason why mind control theories are being believed so oftenly, must be some kind of atheistic reason to explain it without going to souls, ghosts and other stuff like that.

Christianity as example is an unusual belief just like believing into scizophreania-related soul stories. This religion is the biggest in the western countries - yet by reading bible - it seems like bull***t when people can walk on the water etc. Anyway, do you think there’s zero % paranormal happenings in the whole universe? At least I think that zero % paranormality would be too naive to be true. What do you reckon?

Mind Control via implants is a good bet anyway - even tho this beilief propably just isn’t true.
But some unknown alternative explanation is propably closer to the truth.

I once commented that “there are no tools or means in this realm to prove there is another one”.

I was wrong when stating that, because we do have the means and tools to prove there is another realm, and those means are by way of using hallucinogenic herbs, (Peyote= mescaline), etc… and other plants and of course the man made chemicals like LSD. We can not convince others of there being another realm (we would appear to be mad) because the individuals quest for the “Truth” must be their very own personal realization and experience. I think schizophrenics are naturally partly connected to another realm.


I think you are right! :wink:

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Hello DeepnDark

Do not read if you are having issues with psychosis.

My voices did not start with drugs nor have I ever taken them other then once as a young teenager, I am now 45 and my voices started a year ago. .

My voices are souls this is undeniable and I never question it anymore as we are in 24/7 conversations. I know how they enter into us and why they have entered into us and I know why they are so badly done in many all over the internet and around the world.

This has nothing to do with religion, or your beliefs about things. They are only after the allowed like those on this site here. If you hear voices then your soul was allowed to be reborn in this world over and over again. Your soul has more value then the popes soul or even Jesus’s soul. These souls are in a cluster and are transported in a single entity, I call a sparteil. A sparteil is an angel that has been corrupted by a soul that pulls it’s mind into itself and then they control it. The sparteil was brought here from many worlds to find only the allowed souls here and that number is around 500 million. the sparteil take on a bee type mentality as they are grouped within the sparteil which each have a queen or king within them. The king and queen think they are gods and are trying to become themselves here in our world through you. If science can not even detect the veil and those within it how can thy ever understand the things that stir there.


you have sz…you are mentaly ill…
and you are using LSD and smoking weed !?!
maybe get off the drugs…
they are rubbish for your mind and body. :man:
take care :alien:


I’ve read at least a dozen theologians who assert most of it is metaphorical, and a few who have asserted that the biblical clarifications about those metaphors were removed at various stages – mostly in the fourth and fifth centuries AD if I recall correctly – so that people wouldn’t understand that they were.

That would put the removals during the period when Constantine had made Xtianity was the official state religion tu – in the view of some – utilize it as a thought unification scheme to try to hold the empire together in the face of threats from the borders… mostly to the north and northeast.

Uhhh, we’ve never seen a religion used for that purpose, have we? (Nah; never.)

Wondering how many times this has been previously reported on this forum (just since I have been around). Predisposing genetics and epigenetics encountering environmental “magnifiers?” Nature smacks into (environmental) nurture? Hmm. Lemme think about this.


They’re called “hallucigenins” because they make you hallucinate.
They call those drugs “dangerous” because they can cause delusions.

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This happened in 2004, (11 years ago) - not used LSD after that. But, I don’t agree that the voices are caused by our own brains.

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i apologise :heart:
i was just concerned for your health.
take care :alien:

I have used LSD only once when I was 19 but have never really heard any voices regularly, however, I have heard them on occasion and to discover that the one hallucination or phenomenon of hearing what sounds like a very large auditorium or very large room full of people (all talking at the same time without being able to make out any one conversation) is actually a "shared and common experience" (Halucination?) of what I heard that day for the first time , so I believe that what I heard was in fact real but I was able to hear them only because of the chemical mix up in my brain. So yes we do have a problem with the chemicals being deficient in our brains that, may be the cause, of our “possibly” drifting into another realm, but that said, we do have individual beliefs (delusions or others), formed from our individual experiences.

It does not matter what we believe the truth to be because we will not change the truth just because we want to believe something other than the “truth”.

why not? your internal experience is often narrated by language. normal people think sometimes using words , so why cant words, that are disparaging , random ,or not under your control, why cant they be a product of your brain?


I used to think the voices were external. I did use XTC and acid and it did amp up the voices… But not as much as it really amped up the visual hallucinations.

I used to think the voices were of all the people all over town… I thought I had sonic hearing. But they would talk about only stuff that only I knew about. That would confuse me… make me think I was being watched and spied on.

Then my voices took on personas… and that really made my life confusing.

When I was getting stronger I was noticing when they are at their worst and best and it started to make me study them… when I was around too much family… my voices sounded like my family. When I was feeling depressed… my voices would beat me up… when I was feeling on top of the world my voices were praise me and hail me.

Little by little I began to realize that what I was hearing was generated by me. I was the source. Everything in my head is all me.

That’s just how it went for my gray cells.

I hope you feel better soon.


LSD is a dangerous substance for people with a history of psychosis. It might reveal aspects of yourself but it’s not healthy. I’ve never been affected by acid the few times I tried it although I was on antipsychotics and didn’t take a lot. I stupidly thought I was immune or needed more and took too much of a double dipped strip. I did not sleep. Nothing was different and I felt further away from spiritual hallucinations or thoughts it just felt scary, and all it does is alter your perceptions. The next day I was depressed. I’m still trying to recover and that was a week ago.

It does seem to mimic psychosis which is how it was researched. All I know was I was always careful. This time I wasn’t, I’ve never had more interesting thoughts but after awhile I got tired of it.

Warning to those with bipolar depression or any mental illness: do not try to do lsd. It’s stupid.

I’ve thought that people were trying to get me to kill myself before. I took off to Texas. I came back, but I bought a .22 automatic handgun. My reasoning was that when they saw that I wasn’t going to kill myself they would send someone after me. I wasn’t going to walk into a crowd and open up, or anything like that.

I could legally buy a gun. Everyone has guns here it’s wv people love guns it’s gotta be the least restrictive tho I’m not sure the statistics of gun violence in West Virginia, and I’m thankful no mass shootings have happened…I think gun violence is more cultural than to do with the guns themselves. I also support full background checks to anyone who wants a gun here you can buy a gun at wal mart…there’s no law against having a gun on your person but it can’t be concealed people have to know u have it. You need a concealed weapons permit. I would never buy a gun because I don’t really know how to use them, I don’t have a safe to store it and would be more worried about someone else finding it than myself. My mom goes through my room but if I had one I would store it in a safe. I think you can also legally shoot someone in self defense for being on your property. I don’t worry about that my neighborhood is very safe.

My only reason would be just to know how to use one. I would rather know how to use one then not and if I were to become a police officer I would need to know. I also enjoyed target practice with a rifle. It is fun to in the sense like strategy…it would be empowering to know how to safely use one as a woman. I’ve never had homicidal thoughts.

If you are worried about self defense as a woman legally you can carry bug spray it’s better than pepper spray and there’s no law against it, someone tries to grab you and pull out the bug spray it will blind them for five minutes. Then flee or call authorities. I’d say self defense is most effective by subduing the attacker you don’t want to hurt them even if they are dangerous unless you have to. Some people carry knives I don’t like knives and if your a woman also possibility the attacked grabs your weapon.

Non lethal weapons seem better for self defense. There’s also self defense classes and karate …

Is it any different for the “normies?” Not if one understands Elllis, Beck, Dyer, et al, and looks and listens. Think maybe our voices are just more “amplified?” Or that our “hearing” is just more sensitive?

We know this much, the autopsied brain of the sz pt almost invariably shows micro-inflammation in the limbic emotion regulation system from the perceptive/recognizing insula and the threat-monitoring amygdala right straight through.

Before they instituted the five day waiting period there were two times I bought a handgun - one for self defense, and one for suicide. (I chickened out.) There is no way I could legally buy a gun now, which is as it should be. Thanks for the info about buy spray. I’ve always relied heavily on pepper spray when I was paranoid. I wonder what the legalities of bug spray are. Also, I think you can buy some kind of street legal taser in some places. I doubt if it is as strong as the ones the police use.

There has been times when I have talked to Chirstians and have wondered if they were schizophrenic too.