Something that helps me sleep

I have been having issues sleeping, but I might have found a solution. I rode my bike for an hour before I went to be and I slept like a rock. I read where exercise can help you sleep.

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Its said ur mind and body needs to get exhausted from work or play …!!!
Don’t u take ur Aps on night time…!!! It might have helped u to fall asleep …!!

I know it helps me sometimes.

I had slept well for a few weeks, but after finally going for a long walk and really stretching my legs I felt seriously tired for once.

After I woke up though I had sore and swollen lymph nodes. Really needed that sleep!


Exercise is great for so many things (physical and mental), but since exercise gives you energy you may want to do it in the morning or afternoon. However, whatever works for you.

I was scared that it was going to boost my energy and it did for about an hour before I went to bed, but then I passed out haha

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Yeah the professional advice is not to exercise right before bedtime because it could energize you.

But hey whatever works for you @moomop!
It’s so positive of you to be exercising again.
Good for you! :slight_smile:

I am so hyper lately that it is hardly a work out. My husband got more of a workout last night from it and he has been biking longer than I have been