Haven't been sleeping well

Lately I’ve been sleeping maybe two hours at a time at most and maybe five hours in a day. I’m so tired. I’ve tried taking walks, doing house work. Someone help me! :cry: I’m so tired.

Sometimes just laying still with your body warm can restore you somewhat. When you feel really tired and you can’t sleep try just laying there motionless until you feel more rested.

Sounds silly but try heating up some milk and popping some hot chocolate in it, can be a miracle worker at times!

@crimby tried that I sleep maybe an hour.
@spiderpig I’ve tried that before it don’t work for me.

Can you ask your pdoc for a sleeping tablet like temazepam?

I’m gonna but I don’t see him til next month.

call them and tell them… sleep is important… especially for us…

What’s working for me is just staying up.

It’s the great zen secret that if you want to sleep, then stop wanting to sleep.

That’s why in particular I don’t like when people make suggestions to me to take pills or offer some remedy like milk. Unless there is some kind of deficiency or anything else causing the sleep problem, then there’s no need to take anything. It just takes away your own inner ability by making some background suggestion that you “need” something.

Right now it’s 11 p.m. and I’m feeling extra sleepy. I can easily fall asleep, but I’m not trying to sleep. Instead, I’m waiting until 5-7 a.m. then I sleep.

It’s working out okay for me. I get about 5-6 hrs sleep and its more solid sleep. And I only wake up once now instead of multiple times. Feel much better throughout the day even though the morning is rough.

Still, falling asleep is a little hard to do since my awareness still feels high when I lay down. I ignore it as best as I can and then before I know it I’ve fallen asleep.

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@flameoftherhine I know. I tried to get a hold of them today but couldn’t.
@Genbu yeah I understand but I’ve tried to stay up and I just end up falling asleep for a hour while I’m trying to stay up.