Something is horribly wrong with me

This has been going on for the longest time. People don’t want to give me their time. They just call me and ask me what are you doing, then look for an excuse to hang up on me. It has been like that for approximately since 2004. Are people trying to get a response from me becuase i am lonely and very little going for me? How low can you go?

Is life a beauty contest? Maybe because i am ugly people don’t care about me? Are others realizing they are hurting me? Why are my own family trying to confuse me? I want to know what’s going before i die.

Please tell me why all these abuse? Police are no better so i can’t call them. Is it like that for everyone in canada?

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I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’m sorry your family is being so hard on you. That really hurts. :frowning:

Do you have anyone you can spend time with?

I want to spend time with people social workers but i only see them once a week and they are very cheapskate about it. They say we gotta go blah blah blah.I want a hot girlfriend but noone ever showed me any genuine interest in me for the last 15 years. It’s getting worse and worse. I am feeling lonelier and lonelier as years pass by. I can’t even call suicide hotline to talk to someone as they might trace my location and send police.

Maybe just try for a friend? Looks aren’t that important, especially as the years pass. Find the one you want to hold hands with and tell bad jokes to thirty years down the road.


I am a wussy don’t have the balls. How do i overcome it?

Have you tried small amounts of volunteer work to start? Great way to meet nice people who share your interests, get some practice with socializing and interaction.


@velociraptor can help you push through the SZ symptomatic bullsh*t that is holding you back. He’s really high functioning.

I guess? My rule is that when SZ punches you, the only proper response is to punch back twice as hard. Recovery is won, not found.


Have you tried any online sites to meet people? Or join a club at the gym? Maybe a book club at the library?

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I don’t have access to quality counseling where I live, so I use a lot of workbooks instead. I’m making another trip through this one right now:

Is this something you can try @Abu_man?

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I might order it

I’m so sorry for you, @Abu_man. I felt just like you about a decade ago. No one would talk to me. Everyone ignored me and looked right through me as if I was invisible. No one wanted to give me the time of day either. It made me very depressed and even suicidal. Then, I decided to quit hanging out in those hostile, unfriendly places and started going to church instead. I began volunteering my time in a church related volunteer group. And my life changed immensely for the better. I made new friends. And all my depression disappeared.

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Do you think people would know i am desperate or needy if i start going to different places and make fun of me or trip me on the way there?

@Abu_man, I’m just saying that it could be the fault of the places where you are going. The people in those places may not be the friendliest and they might just be hostile to the mentally ill. You might want to start hanging out where people are friendlier and more tolerant and respectful of the mentally ill. Like at a church or at a day program for the mentally ill.

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