Something i want to get off my chest

As I age, I am realizing that I am not sexually attracted to anyone. I’m asexual. I don’t believe I can be emotionally attracted to anyone either. My entire life I’ve never have had high libido but I’m realizing its more than that. Of course as I continue to age things may change but as of right now I’m happy the way I feel. I find comfort in the fact that I am going to age and not find a companion. I prefer it that way. I’ve never shared this with anyone and I’m anxious to tell people in my life. I find peace sharing it here cause you guys are super supportive. Thanks guys


I guess you will be like a monk which is not necessarily a bad thing. Don’t monks go to Heaven?

I’m not for sure. But I don’t believe in heaven so it doesn’t matter to me.

There’s a lot of room on the asexual spectrum, and you’ll find a lot of company there. Don’t make yourself any promises about what your life is going to look like, because the options most commonly presented are far from the only ones on the table.

I’m happy for you that you’re becoming more comfortable with this! :blue_heart:

Thank you. And I am becoming more comfortable with it as I’ve always been this way but didn’t have the word to express it. The hard part is coming out about it. My parents hardly understand my illness and they’re really anti LGBT so I think I’ll just keep it a secret for awhile

Are you part of the LGBT if you don’t mind me asking?

I believe being asexual is. So yes I believe so

It’s all good. There were plenty of asexuals here, can’t find the thread now, but if you look you’ll probably find something. It’s probably a more carefree life anyway :slight_smile:

Very true. I’m content with it though :smile:

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I’m the same way as you. I value my solitude, and I realize I don’t want to share it with others. That might be selfish, but there it is. Maybe if I could get into a relationship with the right kind of rules I might try it.

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Same exact way I feel. I like being alone just suits me better. Just like you maybe one day I’ll try a relationship. Only the future will tell

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I’m not asexual but I still prefer being alone.

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I like hangout with some friends once in awhile but agreed. I like being alone

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Could it be that you’ve convinced yourself you don’t want it because it seems off-limits to you or that you feel somehow flawed beyond deserving love?

I don’t find men or women sexually appealing. Why I feel this way I don’t know. It’s gotten more apparent as I get older and to the love part, loves subjective and at this point in my life I don’t need or want it. I like my solitude

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