Some people(Venting)

So it’s probably 1 or 2 in the morning last night. I’m laying on my couch trying to fall asleep. Then a knock at the door. It’s that girl who slapped me a few weeks back. Just thinking she could roll up like that at that hour. (Imposing is a shit thing to do).

So I let her in and shes wasted. Eventually she falls asleep. She announces it and tells me to shut everything down because she has to wake up and faaahh. Not happy with that I kind of hung out for a few minutes like she wasn’t even there.

So ok I’m then stuck in my room. Hate that situation too. It’s like I pay for this place so i’m not trapped in my room all day. I just wanted to sit on the couch and listen to music, but no.

Anyways she intentionally leaves ■■■■ over here, just so she can come back. I frankly don’t want to see her. She’s either crying or begging me for sex or forcing alcohol on me.

After the night i had out at the bars… the persistence of the illness(constant negativity and criticism)… my sanctuary gets offset… . Glad it’s over. She’s still coming back later for the pizza. She left her tobacco here as well. I’ll pretty much have to kick her out after that.

what?! where do you meet this kinda people?! don’t let her in. don’t you have a peephole?! I’d say be kind but these kinda people are just a headache. Throw her stuff out. Is she a prostitute?


Ahaahah @waterway
I agree, there are limits. No one invades my sacred space.


She’s not a prostitute. I don’t have a peephole.

She’s one of my brother’s coworkers. We got to talking one time and ehhhh. Everything just seems so stupid right now.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Just gotta see this ■■■■ through.

I might be to self conscious but uh… I’m just wondering how people like that are capable of allowing themselves to act like that.

You have to get yourself a peephole dude ! :slight_smile:

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Last night I just yelled.

“WHO hello?”

she responded.

I used to get pissed when people would show up unannounced. Now I don’t have any social circle left so it doesn’t happen. At some point I had problems with people ringing my doorbell too often so I installed a switch on it, MacGyver style. I don’t even turn it on now, I have nobody to expect and I feel like anyone wanting to see me would be bad news. So I leave it turned off.

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Yea, put her stuff in a box in front of your door and tell her “pick your ■■■■ up asap.” Tell her you will call policia if she comes again.

Unless you secretly like her drama.


Man. We got pretty close over those two to three weeks we were hanging out. I thought about her a lot.

It’s as soon as the drama starts that I’m oh ■■■■ I hate this. Then I turn into a douche. Knowing she’s coming over has kind of locked me into that state.

Sounds like you like this chick.

Maybe, you could convince her to start going to AA with you and quit drinking.

Yeah right man. She’s got a real problem. Not a bad idea though.

She’s cool. She’s also very large and I’m not attracted to her at all. She insists on trying to get me to open up to that kind of activity with her…

She rapes you!!! Lol

Hah. We have watched porn a couple times together.

She’s overtly sexual.

She was encouraging me to start stroking in hopes of whatever.

She also demands I make out with her and cuddle with her but I never do. Because as soon as I do one thing leads to another so it goes. Then i have this unshakable relationship again. She’s my type of friend but not my type of girl.

I’m better off not playing with fire.

She probably just wants you drunk so she can get laid. Tell her you quit drinking.

Yeah I’m not going to AA I just realized that it’s in a church. I don’t like churches.

She even buys the booze!

She would actually have to rape me for that to happen.

I can’t. It’s not even a visual thing. Physically doesn’t feel right. Like uhh to much of everything.

They only have one AA in that town? Well sometimes we need to get over our hang ups to heal Brian.

Tell this chick you are in love with a women over seas, named @Sarad

I don’t think that’d stop her.

There are about 6 meetings going on in the next 48 between this and the 3 nearest towns.

I don’t need an excuse.

I didn’t talk to her for two weeks until she decided to show up.

Frankly tired of wanking, but uh still no.