Solian in combination with Abilify

My Abilify 30mg was not working anymore. I would have low level psychosis with it. With low level,i mean not very intense psychosis. I could talk to people and they would not find me psychotic but i would have thoughts about extra terrastials and how they had chosen me etc etc. NOw a second pdoc has recommended a small dose of Solian 100mg in addition to the 30mg Abilify. Please do react friends and tell me how you think!

If your doctor thinks it’s a good idea, go for it. He knows way more about you and your symptoms than we do, plus he has studied these drugs professionally. Doctors tend to know more than strangers from the Internet.

You must be pretty treatment resistant, 30 abilify is a high dose. I’m the same way, actually.

30 mg abilify is a hefty dose! I have nothing to say really other than I tried 30 mg of abilify and it was “overwhelming”. 25 mg was the max i could handle. now im on 20

Thanks for your reactions. I was initially on 10mg Abilify but the damn drug does not work anymore on me therefore 30mg. Solian is, as far as i know, sold only in Europe that is why very less reactions on that drug so far.

I use it at 100mg with my main antipsychotic and it’s been great.

Feel much better since it was added