Anyone taking Solian Or have any experiences of it?

Can anyone share experiences of this drug. My pdoc is going to change my meds, and this one seems to have lesser weight gain as a side effect based on what the internet says.

I guess the important question is how tolerable it is, as I have had enough of switching drugs because of SE.


I have only taken two antipsychotics. Can’t help you there.

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No worries. It’s not one I have heard of before.

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I was taking Solian but it couldn’t control my symptoms and switched to risperidone

That’s a shame it didn’t work for you - this whole trial and error thing is so frustrating. Out of interest, what dose were you on?

I was on Solian and it worked well but it stopped my periods so I changed

I think 800mg. 15151515

Prolactin! 1515

i dont think its available in the us, is it? or canada. its used in the uk and australia, im pretty sure ive seen atleast one user from one of those countries on it

I was on it for a few years. Controlled symptoms well had slight weight gain but my prolactin levels went through the roof so changed.

solian is doing me good

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I’m on 200mg Solian and it helps me a lot. I took it since 2013 when i was in hospital after my relapse.

I used to take 400mg but found out by experimenting that 200mg is my minimum therapeutic dose.

I have very few side effects. Just a problem with sex drive. Prolactin doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t want to fall pregnant. No problems with weight gain that i can think of.

A great med!

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I have just got back from seeing the pdoc. He’s cut the Abilify from 30mg to 20mg, and put me on 200mg Solian for two weeks, then up it to 400mg.

I hope it works. I just had to have a blood test as well for the prolactin thing.

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I have read being on ability can stop the prolactin increases. Sometimes only 2-5mg ability is needed to stop the increased prolactin.

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i ate like a pig on this medicine even worser then Zyprexa, i coudnt stop eating

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