Abilify 5 mg every night is awesome

abilify 5 mg every night is awesome

I’m taking 5 mg abilify every night and the dosage is perfect, no negative symptoms no delusions too, few delusions can’t be stopped. I am able to use laptop/internet and no negative symptoms.

Rest of my life I will take abilify 5 mg every night


Abilify 5mg isn’t a therapeutic dose of abilify for schizophrenia and is just used as an add on to an antidepressant.

It’s quite depressing that you know a doctor who will let you doctor yourself.

It’s not going to end well.


Just be careful mate when self medicating. :slight_smile:


Yes seems you’ve found a lot of “perfect treatments” for yourself in the past that are not medically sound and would not be doctor recommended, and it seems following all of these treatments you then relapse. For your own good it’d be best to let a psychiatrist manage your treatment instead of you.


I just started abilify at 5mg. My pdoc says to take it in the morning as it is activating and will keep me up. Do you sleep okay taking it at night?

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Hey guys 5mg can work and everyone body is different. I take 5mg

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5mg doesn’t work for schizophrenia. You’re bipolar.

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No I know @everhopful but it did help curb the initial psychosis I had. Way back.

Weren’t you on a higher dose back then? Anyway 5mg has no antipsychotic properties, so if you felt better it was probably just a coincidence.

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@everhopeful I started on the lowest of respiridone it did nothing so went to olazipime and then cos of the weight gain switched to 5mg abilify. After a few months yes they increased the dose due to mood symptoms.

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If that’s what works for you then maybe you should stick with it. I actually got an increase in physical strength from Abilify. I don’t know what dose I was taking. I had to come off it because it got me a little too amp’ed up. I hope it works right for you.

Guys I know I made several statements of miracle wellbeing—treatments etc and etc but, it ws all due to my brain damage and memory damage and judgement damage I mean all of it.

After all these years I am telling the truth 5 mg abilify every night is really working. I sleep at will I wake at will

there is no schedule not any more.

Yes abilify 5 mg is like working like a miracle.

No delusions ( negligible for the past 5 days or so ) and no Negative symptoms.

I am able to use internet.

I am not alive in a sense my brain is damaged apart from that nothing really.