Went for depot today. Through asking a few questions injection giver works out I don’t go out much. I told him rather reluctantly that I could go to the cafe(was going to add to sit alone) and he talks about it being a chance to socialise.
I told him I have no one to socialise with,no friends. He was a little dumbfounded and awkward when I said that and quickly got off the subject.
I don’t think some of these mental health workers realise how socially isolated some of us are.
It was of course their superiors that ensured the drop ins that provided social contact for me and countless others were jettisoned. Now there is eff all for people like me- time limited weekly options outside my comfort zone don’t cut the mustard.
Given a choice between sitting at home and going out to sit on my own in a cafe, or wonder aimlessly round the town centre, 99/100 I’ll choose to stay in ( the library that once was a port of call is somewhere I won’t go as they moved it to out of my comfort zone . )

I’d hang with you in a heartbeat, my man… :wink:

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My psychiatrist primarily focuses on my positive symptoms, she never asks me how well I am doing socially - she ignores my Negative Symptoms, so it seems and this is unfortunate, because I suffer from serious lack of initiative and motivation.

That sucks! Mine actually focuses a lot on my negative symptoms.

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Well that is a good thing @Minnii.

I have a feeling that my pdoc will start focusing more on my Negative Symptoms, since I told her last time that I suffered from lack of motivation.

Yeah, we should tell them what’s bothering us. I’m currently bothered with my diagnosis, my first pdoc told me it was paranoid sz, now this one tells me its probably sza, so I want to know for sure what’s his opinion.

My mental health team every now and then suggest college,to do a course. I never bite the bullet. (a) The memories of being bullied and ostracised at school for being physically/socially awkward are still strong (b) learning difficulties which have never been recognised and therefore no help given would mean I’d struggle doing a course(just as I struggled more and more to do well when at school) © Finding my way around a big college would be difficult especially if it involved remembering the position of a class room when there were lot of rooms on several floors. I would feel very anxious and overwhelmed. (d) The colleges are positioned out of my comfort zone.


Well do you suffer from depression or additional bipolar symptoms?

Mania and depression here and there, but nothing too acute.

Sometimes doctors are never sure about the diagnosis - like my pdoc said to me - I have a lot of Grey areas involved.

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Ditto. Records from as far back as 2003 and earlier mentioned motivation as an issue and in 2009 I was told it was probably a chronic, not acute, negative symptom of my illness.
Mentioned it to the nurse practitioner last appointment. Her words- the medication isn’t much help for negative symptoms.

Well, I was diagnosed with Aspergers before. My social skills suck.

My social skills were described as “very poor”. Never been given any social skills help. It’s not seen as being an important part of treatment in the UK.

You don’t need social skills in college. Just need to be smart. Lots of autistic looking and odd people in the math department.

Nothing too acute??

U R A Q T …

It’s usually hard to find your classes in the beginning. You just memorize it after that. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Ahahaha! Thanks @Patrick you’re too kind :smile:

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That would be fine if I was part of the maths group but my maths skills are a little above average at best.

Seriously, no one cares. I mean I think hipsters look weird and are odd but everyone dresses like them. I was an extreme loner in high school, no friends, and I was made fun off. Everyone in college is nice and mature.

Dude man the library Is a resource that should be available without ANY KINDA DISCRIMINATION, to the PUBLIC and if you can’t enjoy books NO MATTER WHO ARE OUR WHAT YOU ARE You should talk to someone in authority, screw them …