Tuesday night I went to the local tennis club for a new social group
There were nine people there
I didn’t manage to make a lot of conversation and I started to get paranoia
The next meeting is this Tuesday for a pub dinner I will go
Not sure how long I’ll last at this group but I want to get out there


You must be pleased you got through it?

Meeting new people is never easy, but you went and stayed!

What kinda of group is it?

It’s a mixture of ages mostly women
There was one young women there who seemed to be with her carer
Yes I’m glad I got through it
I have a little anticipatory anxiety about Tuesday but I’ve learnt from therapy to face fears
So far therapy has helped
The last seven weeks I’ve been out every Thursday evening for Pilates class which I’m really enjoying
Sometimes I go and I feel fine other times I go and get paranoia but most of the time I do ok

It’s good you’re getting out there. You should hopefully start to not get anxious or paranoid once you get to know the people more.

Hope it goes well!

Thanks @Joker
I hope so

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You inspire me! :slight_smile:

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way to go

there’s been times I got more out of complete strangers than my own friends and family

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This is not easy for us schizo people. Thumbs up for you!

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Good job getting out there! That’s really hard to do for many of us.

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