I kinda successfully socialized yesterday

Yesterday I kinda successfully socialized. It was a common interest meeting group of people. I defied the voices which had been telling me nothing but crap regarding how inadequate I am at socializing and I’m stupid and I have a blank mind and so on.

I didn’t talk a whole lot but at least the voices didn’t bother me or distract me really thankfully! It was fun. The group meets every month so I will have to go again.


Hey, this is fantastic. Well done, you!



@ozymandias Thanks so much! :blush: Very kind of you to say so!


Socializing helps me.


You should go to more meet ups. Sounds like it will be beneficial for your MH health.


Well done!:slightly_smiling_face::love_you_gesture:t4::tada:

I have difficulties socialising with most people too and avoid crowds and get togethers.

I recently visited a crowded fete and stayed half a hour or so and didn’t freak out .
Wasn’t thrilled about it but still went ok.

My partner is encouraging me to get out more.
I used to sit in my bed all day and night but now weekends we do things together and soon we are going in to city which I’ve been too afraid to do.
Hopefully it will go well.

Best wishes with your future socialising.


Good going @Lickety-split! :smile:

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good job…

i struggle with this too. i would like to be more social myself.

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