Social Isolation is a killer

I don’t know how I do it being a college student. I don’t have any social networking, I never really go out, I don’t really have friends. I’ve tried joining school groups but I feel like an outsider. I think its because I used to have the ultimate friend group in high school and now thats gone so nothing feels quite right with social interaction anymore. Being isolated as I have these past few years (on top of lonely drug use) has completely changed my personality. I live with it, but its depressing even if I am an introvert.

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yeah i know… the meds were like candies for me at a time when i was going against them cause i was waiting everything from them… it was the result of my 13 yeard isolation. so i am worse than you if you want :confused: i dont enjoy my friendships right now,i easily become frustrated… i have two friends,ill also and they talk me about men for which i am closed right now… the meds dont help you really on this? they should be a little help but i am not sure me either anymore :smile:take care and continue struggling yeap :slight_smile:

Well don’t do drugs…

Uh… you’re not missing much… I’d be more worried about finding a girlfriend who is in a similar situation as you and will empathize and enhance it for you… and vice versa.

Them nurd gurlz are out there… lonely behind coke bottle frames…

Eventually everyone’s social circles breakdown and people don’t communicate or see each other very often.

Those big colleges with all the people can seem like the loneliest places to be… the implied rejection of ignorance…

I wouldn’t worry about it man… just focus on the eventually need for you to sustain yourself… everything else falls into place… you’ll find that pursuits of drugs and social life… they are often wasteful endeavors…

It’s best to keep your eye on that end dream… what are you going to be doing at 25/30/35?

That kind of time frame puts the importance of the moment in its place… makes it easier to let go of indulgence and also easier to not worry about the things you don’t currently have… with the proper plan about 99% of the things that are out there can be obtained… We all can’t drive ferraris or anything like that, but a good job… good car… good home… good relationships… part of it’s luck, part of it is planning, part of it is knowing where to look.

My point man…don’t stress about it. You seem to have a culture that not a lot of folks would share… but those who do would gravitate to it, for the same reasons that you would…

Social identity is total ■■■■■■■■… but desiring real friends is understandable…

I’ll tell you this though… I only have maybe 3 or 4 real friends at this point… like people I know fro the real world who are actually concerned enough to check up on me every so often. I question the necessity of those relationships even.

Do what you want with it… but it is possible to not be concerned with these things.

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:laughing: they are!!! Same with guys, I just need to drop my standards…If I meet another me OMG our brains would explode :boom:

The apex of homosexuality… ■■■■■■■ your own clone… I can’t tell how right or wrong that would be

He would be AWESOME :speak_no_evil:

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I’m glad you’ve got that much self confidence

Well he would be a little fruit cake. I might become too violently in love with him and we would have to Romeo and Juliet ourselves.

Hah… that’s pretty dramatic… you should write a book…

either clones or… parallel dimensions… or just pure happenstance that you meet your doppleganger

No thank you. I thought people were robot clones before and that drove me nuts(truly).

If I meet another me, we would probably be to shy of each other. I was in love once where I took charge and pounced, but I was hot then. Let’s just say he was at the beginning of my psychosis and his voice is one of the voices that I hear all the time. So I think he annoying now, even though it’s not even real.

Thats also my problem is I have big social anxiety with talking to the ladies. My approach always ends kind of awkwardly

You’re just thinking to much… they might be females… but they are just people… after a while you mind find its actually easier to talk to them than it is to talk to guys.

you ve started to isolate yourself from how much time kazuma? for me its since 13 years imagine… i am a mess, i try to get better with this but i am not sure ill do it with all these years behind me… i never met anyone like me who was so isolated from others…
i passed through almost every psycho symptom in schizophrenia,it sucks… i am tired to always struggle. probably i need my meds, i am not even sure of this :confused:

I enjoy it myself, there’s nothing like not having to answer to anyone for anything.

But each unto their own.

[quote=“Kazuma, post:1, topic:34565”]
I think its because I used to have the ultimate friend group in high school and now thats gone so nothing feels quite right with social interaction anymore.
[/quote]I know that feel. In elementary & middle-school I had a perfect clique of friends and felt high & mighty. I had another clique when I was a religion person. After losing both those cliques I have given up on the thought of friendships on this Earth.

Let’s just say, I don’t really feel I belong in any relationship or friendship. It’s not that I wouldn’t want any, it’s just that I feel nothing inside - no emotion; hollow.

Its only been a few years like 3 but its been difficult and has changed me.